Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 11 – Boston

Just landed.

Lucas looked at the text on his phone. He was already at the airport, but he wasn’t alone. He hadn’t been able to convince his mom to let him pick Glory up on his own, so she and his sister, Becky, were there with him.

“Seriously, mom, I promise to bring her right over to the house once I’ve dropped her stuff off at my place,” he had pleaded.

“It’s always nice to have a welcoming committee to meet you at the airport,” Lucas’ mom, Joan, had said. “Besides, how do I know that you guys won’t get to your condo and fall into bed and we won’t get to meet her before the party?”

“You know I wouldn’t do that, mom,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m not some horny teenager. On the other hand, I get the feeling that Glory is a little fragile. I don’t want you guys to scare her away!”

But Joan wouldn’t be deterred, so the three of them were there at the airport waiting for Glory.


My mom and sister are here with me. Can’t wait to see you!


At least he could warn her before she was in the thick of things.


Yikes! Family already? Thanks for the warning, movie-boy.


Lucas laughed out loud at her continued use of that nickname. I guess I’ve been called worse, he thought.

“What’s so funny?” Joan asked.

“Nothing. Just a text from Glory. She likes to call me movie-boy. Not sure yet if I like that,” he said.

Joan raised an eyebrow at Lucas. “Movie-boy? That’s a new one. She doesn’t call you Cap?”

“Once in a while, but it’s usually just Lucas or movie-boy,” he answered.

“I’ll have to remember that,” Becky said with a laugh.

“You won’t get away with it. Like I said, I’m not even sure if I like her calling me that,” Lucas said emphatically. Just then, he saw Glory coming towards them, waving, and he went up to meet her.

He greeted her with a kiss and said, “Sorry,” before his mom and sister joined them.

“No problem. It’s what I’m here for after all,” she said, quietly, and turned towards Joan to be introduced.

Lucas took the handle of Glory’s wheeled suitcase with one hand and kept the other hand on her back as Joan and Becky talked to her.

“It’s a pleasure to meet both of you,” Glory said with sincere smile. “Lucas talks a lot about his family and I’ve been looking forward to meeting all of you. I mean, the rest of you.” She turned to Lucas. “Will Greg and Kayla be at the party? I didn’t think to ask.”

“Greg’s flying in tomorrow afternoon and Kayla a little later,” Lucas said. “Come on. Let’s get to the car before we have to deal with any fans.” He was still very sensitive of Glory’s sensibilities when it came to his public persona.

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