Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 9 – Tourists

Glory woke slowly and stretched. Something was different, but she wasn’t sure what it was. She could see light in the room through her closed eyelids so she rolled towards her bedside clock to see the time. 7:30. Wasn’t it the weekend? she thought. Once she was sure that it was, she rolled back over to go back to sleep.

Something was still different and it was tugging at her mind. Someone was cooking bacon; someone in her apartment. She let a smile grow on her face. It must be her boyfriend. She let that thought sink in for a moment before jumping out of bed and finding some clothes to put on to go and find out what Lucas was up to.

“There you are, sleepy head.” Lucas said, turning towards her to give her a kiss before he turned back to flip the bacon again. “I thought I owed you breakfast.”

“It’s so early.” Glory complained, sitting down at the table. “Isn’t it the weekend? And aren’t you on LA time still? It’s only 4:30 AM in LA.”

Lucas put a cup of coffee down in front of her and she took it in both hands and took a sip. She smiled to herself when she realized that he knew how she took her coffee. While she cradled her coffee cup, she said, “I love you.”

“Coffee’ll do that to you.” he said with a smile from in front of the stove. “And I’m on Boston time. I’ve been off the last couple of weeks. Is it too early for you?” he asked with concern.

“Noon is a good time to get up on a Saturday. 7:30 is usually when I get up for a pee so I can go back to sleep.” Glory said, taking another sip of her coffee. “You’ve never been this much of an early bird when you’ve come to visit before.”

Lucas shrugged. “I’m usually not, especially when I have a beautiful woman next to me in bed.” He winked at her. “But I was awake, so I thought I’d get a head start on breakfast.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up? I could have put you back to sleep.” Glory said, seductively.

“We did crash pretty early last night.” Lucas said, defensively. “We can go back to bed, if you want. I just wanted to spend as much time with you as I could. Our relationship up to now has been spent mostly in bed.” He raised an eyebrow at her suggestively. “I thought we could do some stuff together today before dinner.”

“Out and about with Lucas Wolfe.” Glory said, trying that idea out in her mind. “How many times do you think we’ll be accosted by autograph hounds or people wanting their picture taken with you?” Glory had spoken lightly, but Lucas could hear the concern behind her words.

“Toronto’s actually pretty good.” Lucas said. “If people recognize me, many of them will just wave or yell to me; not a lot of people actually stop me.

Glory let this sink in for a few minutes. She was still struggling a little bit with the more public side of being his girlfriend.

“But when we go to New York or LA, people are much bolder. I can sometimes hardly walk down the street, especially if I’m someplace and word gets out on the internet.” He wanted her to be prepared for this stuff; the last thing he wanted to do is to have her be spooked by fans and run. And he was getting the feeling she spooked pretty easily.

“So what would you like to see, love?” she said, looking at him over the rim of her coffee cup.

“I don’t know. Is there a lot to see hanging around in downtown Toronto?” he asked. “Do you want eggs, too, or just bacon and tomato?” he added.

“Bacon and tomato is fine, and, yes, there’s lots to see in downtown Toronto. We could wander up Yonge Street and do some shopping, then we can check out Queen West…it’s not as trendy and hipster as it used to be, but it’s still pretty cool. We can go to Kensington Market and Chinatown and then grab the streetcar down to the CN Tower and Skydome.” Once Glory got started, she realized that there were lots of places she wanted to show him!

Lucas was watching her get excited about showing him her city and he smiled. “Sounds like getting up early was a good idea after all.” he said.

Glory smiled back. “Don’t think I’ve forgiven you yet, movie-boy! I value my sleep time on the weekends!” she teased him.

Lucas laughed. “So I’ve been downgraded again, have I?” He turned around to butter the toast that had popped up and was busy for the next couple of minutes assembling Glory’s bacon and tomato sandwich. “Mayo?” he asked, and looked back to see Glory nod.

With Glory served, he turned back to butter his own toast as they popped out of the toaster.

“So we’re being tourists today, eh? Did you get reservations at the 360 Restaurant?” Glory asked, wiping her mouth with her napkin.

“Yes.” he answered. “I sent a text to my assistant last night and she got back to me this morning with a 7 pm reservation. Is that okay?” He sat down at the table across from her with his sandwich, then got up to refresh both of their coffees before settling down to eat.

“The time? Yeah, that works. Might even give us time to come back here and change before dinner. Depending on how much fun we’re having being tourist-y.” she said.

Lucas just nodded because he had a mouthful of sandwich. They sat and finished their breakfast, talking about inconsequential things. After a quick shower and clothes and they were out the door.


It was an absolutely beautiful day. Glory wore sandals and a flirty little dress, in case they didn’t get to go home and change, and Lucas was casual, but not in jeans. He wore a pair of khakis and a polo shirt over his signature sneakers.

They went everywhere that Glory had mentioned and were only approached once by someone wanting an autograph and picture…and it was a kid.

She came up to Lucas shyly, wearing her distressed Special Branch t-shirt and said, “Are you Lucas Wolfe?”

Lucas hunkered down to her level and said, “Why, yes I am? And who are you?”

“Emilia.” she answered looking everywhere but into his eyes.

“Well, Emilia, I like your shirt. I have one just like it.” he said, pointing at, but not touching her shirt. “How old are you, Emilia?”

“I’m 8.” she said, holding up 4 fingers on each hand, “and I love Matt Hunter.” She was starting to lose her shyness in the face of Lucas’ friendliness. “He’s my favourite Brancher. Is he going to be Marta’s boyfriend? I think he should. What’s going to happen to Ian?”  Marta was another Special Brancher. The last movie had started to bring them into a romantic relationship. Ian was Matt’s best friend from his hometown.

Lucas was smiling at her precociousness, and now that her shyness was gone she was not to be stopped. “Are you really mad at Brock? I like Brock…he’s really cute and funny.” Brock was the commander of Special Branch with whom Mat had a love/hate relationship. Emilia turned to her mom. “Mom, do you have my colouring book so I can show him my picture?”

Emilia’s mom seemed very apologetic. “Sorry, Mr. Wolfe. When she gets going, it’s hard to get her to stop.” She handed Emilia her colouring book so she could turn to the picture she wanted to show Lucas.

“It’s no problem at all.” he said as Emilia opened the book to her picture.

“See? It’s you and Brock and Ian fighting. I don’t like it when you fight. Will you ever be friends again?” Her eyes were pleading as he looked up at him.

“We’re still friends.” Lucas assured her. “Matt wrote Brock an email to say he was sorry, so it’ll be alright. Do you want me to sign your picture?”

“That would be cool. Will you?” Emilia asked, looking at the picture over his shoulder.

“Of course!” Lucas said and reached into his pocket for his ever-present Sharpie. “How do you spell Emilia?” he asked, looking at Emilia’s mom.

She spelt it for him and he signed the picture, ‘Emilia, From one artist to another, Lucas Wolfe.’

“Are you an artist, too?” Emilia asked after seeing his autograph.

“Yes, I draw and I paint when I’m not acting.” Lucas answered. Emilia’s mom had been taking pictures of Lucas and Emilia talking and now she asked Glory if she would take a picture of the three of them.

Glory took the cell phone and had them all pose together. She took a dozen or so pictures of Lucas and Emilia laughing together with her mom in the background and the three of them talking together. When Emilia’s mom looked at the pictures, she had a smile on her face.

“Thank you so much.” she said to Lucas. Lucas gave Emilia a hug, then turned to her mom to do the same.

“Always love to meet my fans,” he said with a smile, “especially such talented ones.”

Lucas watched Emilia and her mom as they walked away, then turned to Glory. “Not too bad, was it?” he asked, putting his arm around her shoulder and turning her to walk away.

“That was fun…but it’s not always kids that stop you for autographs, is it?” she asked.

“Not always, but they’re my favourites. She was adorable. I’ll have to watch Twitter for the pictures.” Lucas said. “I should have thought to have them send them to my assistant so I’d have them.”

“How do you know she’ll post them on Twitter and not Instagram? And you check your own social media?” Glory had looked at some of the responses on Lucas’ social media and it embarrassed her to think that this was what people wanted Lucas to know about them.

“No, I don’t check my own social media.” He smiled at her. “I have though, so I do know what’s said.”

“It’s actually a little embarrassing to read them…so many people want to fuck you. I’m glad to hear that you don’t read all of that.” Glory said.

Lucas raised his eyebrow at her. “Why have you read that shit?” he asked.

Glory laughed. “Well, I did Tweet to you once or twice, so I read down some of the other Tweets. No reason for you to be single, movie-boy, with that kind of interest.”

“Yeah, right.” Lucas said. “Like those are the kinds of girls I want to date. What did you Tweet me?” he asked.

Glory thought for a moment, not sure if she should tell him. But she never posted anything embarrassing. “Well, you post science-y and space stuff quite often, so I’ve posted a couple of things to you that I thought you might like, and I included you on some of my ‘I’m on Hunter Company!’ posts. That was actually a lot of fun, Tweeting back and forth with random strangers about that movie.” For his last movie, ‘Revolution’, part of the publicity was a rivalry between his character and that of Rory Brock, an uneasy friend at the best of times. But when the world turns against those in Special Branch, Rory stands against Matt with those who would dismantle the squad. Hunter Company and Brock Company started trending on Twitter as soon as the first trailer landed.

“It really caught on, didn’t it? It was pretty cool how things took off in that rivalry. I wasn’t sure if it would, but I had fun with it, too.” Lucas said. “Did you enjoy the movie?”

“It was the best yet…and not just because of the airplane/bicep scene, although that was pretty hot! I loved the emotional intensity. I did cry.” Glory said.

“I’m glad. When I read the script, I cried, too. It felt like the audience would be pretty invested in the conflict.” he said.

“You do good movies.” Glory said, turning her face up to him for a kiss. “Well, you do some good movies.”

Lucas laughed. “Yeah, I know. Not all of them have been good. I’m hoping to change that going forward.”

“Good. You’re too talented for some of the shit you’ve been in.” Glory said.


They were happily tired when they arrived at the CN Tower around 5. They spent some time at the bottom of the tower and then took the elevator up to the observation deck and took their time looking at the city and trying to pick out landmarks to watch for from the restaurant. Lucas teased her a little bit at the glass floor. Glory wasn’t overly fond of heights, but she took Lucas’ teasing in stride and laughed it off.

Their seats in the restaurant were right at the window. It was a clear night, so the city sparkled and shone under the night sky. They talked together of this and that and laughed easily. They tried to pick out some of the landmarks that they had seen that day. When the waitress came up to take their order, they ordered a bottle of wine, prompting her to ask Glory for her ID.

“Are you kidding me?” Lucas asked at the same time as Glory said, “Really?”

“Sorry,” the waitress said, “we have to ask if you look younger than 25.”

Glory smiled and said, “No problem. If I’m still getting asked for ID at 30, that’s a real complement.” Glory pulled her ID out to show the waitress.

“Thank you, Gloria. Again, sorry about that.” and she left to get their wine.

“Gloria?” Lucas asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Glory looked down and shook her head. “Yeah, my given name is actually Gloria. But I’ve been Glory for so long…” she said, pausing. Lucas held her eye waiting for an explanation.

Glory sighed. “When I was younger, my dad used to sing a song for me. He played guitar and he’d play this song and I’d dance and sing along. By the time he left when I was 8, the name had stuck. I don’t recall being called anything else.”

“What was the song? Anything I’d know?” Lucas asked.

“It’s a Bob Dylan song called ‘Glory, Glory, Glory’.” she said. Lucas shook his head. It wasn’t one that he’d ever heard.

“Can you sing a little of it for me?” he asked.

Glory made a face. “No.” she said, firmly. “I’m not a singer.”

“Come on.” he said. “Just the chorus. Sing it quietly… so I can catch the tune.”

Glory gave him a dirty look. “Shit.” She looked around to see how close other people were. The table next to them was empty, so she took a deep breath and leaned towards Lucas so that only he could hear.

“While I was praying / Somebody touched me.

While I was praying / Somebody touched me.

While I was praying / Somebody touched me.

It must have been the hand of the Lord.

Glory, Glory, Glory / Somebody touched me

Glory, Glory, Glory / Somebody touched me

Glory, Glory, Glory / Somebody touched me.

It must have been the hand of the Lord.”

“That’s a great song.” Lucas said. “I’ve never heard that before.”

Glory smiled shyly at his reaction. “I’ve always loved it.” They fell quiet after that as the waitress brought their wine for them to taste.

“That way is Boston.” Glory said, as the restaurant turned to face out over the lake. “I’m kind of looking forward to going to meet your family.”

“I have to warn you about them. They are fun, but not always politically correct.” Lucas said.

“That’s okay; neither am I.” she said, taking a sip of her wine.

Lucas raised his eyebrows at her. “Don’t say that until you’ve met them. They can be pretty…outrageous.” he said.

Glory smiled at him. “Who are you more worried about? Them or me?”

Lucas looked at her for a moment before answering. “Not sure.” he admitted.

Glory laughed. “I’ll be gentle.” she said in a wicked voice.

Lucas put his head back and laughed. “Thanks. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that. You’re going to love my nephews and niece. They’re adorable.”

Glory made a face at him. “Not a fan of kids, remember?” she said.

“I thought you just didn’t want any of your own, not that you hated kids.” Lucas said, putting his glass down to give her his full attention.

“I don’t hate them, but you won’t sell me on how amazing your family is by telling me about kids.” she said, clarifying.

“Well, the rest of my family is pretty amazing, too, so it’s not just the kids.” Lucas said, sipping his wine.

“It’ll be fine, sweetie. I’ll behave.” she said. This made Lucas laugh again and shake his head.

“Okay, I won’t stress over it until I have to.” Lucas assured her.


After their dinner was done, they decided to wander around the city at night and see what there was to do. They ended up heading in to the Hard Rock Café for a couple of drinks. The atmosphere was loud, but Lucas and Glory found a quiet booth to put their heads together and talk. It was late when they finally headed for the subway. They cuddled together on the train on the way home, and once they got to Glory’s apartment, they both fell into bed, exhausted.


Glory felt Lucas get up and looked over at the clock; it was 7:30 again. She groaned as she saw him head for the washroom.

“Don’t worry.” he said. “I’ll be back…not ready to get up yet.”

Glory settled back to wait for Lucas to return. When he did, he pulled her in close to him, stroking her back and closed his eyes to go back to sleep.

“What do you want to do today, babe?” he said, sleepily.

Glory wasn’t sure if she was awake enough to make these kinds of decisions. She groaned again and finally said, “More sleep, fuck, paint, groceries, food, vegging…and then we’ll fuck again.”

Lucas chuckled. “Well, that sounds like a full day…but more sleep first is good.”

Glory pulled him in closer and said, “So sleep.” She paused for a minute. “Love you.”

When they got up for the day a couple of hours later, Glory ran her hands down his belly to find out if he was ready for the next thing on the agenda. Lucas laughed as she found what she was looking for. He rolled her over and kissed her deeply, stopping her exploration before she went too far.

For some reason, making love to him now that he was her boyfriend seemed different; more intense but less rushed, less frenetic. She enjoyed his touch and his exploration as he brought her to a shattering orgasm before reaching for a condom to find his own release deep inside of her.

“God, you feel good.” he said as he pulled her in close to him.

“You, too, babe.” she said. “Too good. I miss you when you’re not here.”

“We’ll have to try and rectify that at some point.” he said, quietly, smoothing her hair away from his nose.

“I don’t even want to think about trying to bring our lives together at this point. I’m just happy to have you as my boyfriend.” She paused again to feel the thrill that word still gave her.

Lucas laughed. “Still finding that word thrilling, are you?”

Glory giggled. “Yeah.”

“Are we going to eat before we paint?” Lucas asked, remembering the agenda Glory had set out earlier.

“Yes, I forgot to put breakfast on the agenda…it’s understood.” she said. “What would you like?”

“Whatever you want to make me. It’s your turn.” he said.

“How about omelettes? You like those.” she offered.

“Sounds amazing, but only if you let me help.”

After a quick shower, Glory left Lucas to shave while she went to start on breakfast. While the vegetables were cooking, she went and set up her extra easel. Lucas came out and started stirring the vegetables until she came back. She put her arms around him and he turned to kiss her.

“Do you have anything in mind to paint?” she asked him.

“I’ve got some ideas. I think it depends on what colours come up when I start mixing.” he said.

Glory was adding the eggs and Lucas pulled down a couple of plates and grabbed the first two toast to butter. In no time at all, they were sitting down to eat.

They made quick work of the dishes and then they started to paint. It was early afternoon when they started and they painted in silence for hours. When the light started to change, Glory looked up to see that it was almost 6 pm.

“Holy shit! It’s almost 6!” she said.

“Is that a problem?” Lucas asked, holding his brush above his canvas.

“No, not a problem. But we still need to get some groceries. I don’t have anything in the house for dinner.” she said. “The grocery store is open until 8, so we could wait…but then we’ll have to order in for dinner.”

Lucas looked at his painting critically for a moment. “Maybe another hour…?” he asked.

“Not a problem.” she said. “I could even go and get groceries and leave you to finish painting…” she offered.

“No, I’ll go with you. Give me a little bit longer and I’ll be finished with this one.” he said.

Glory came up behind him to see what he had painted. It was full of colour and texture. “You have been practising.” she said. “This is so expressive. Did you have an image in mind for this one, or is it truly abstract?”

“I did have an image, but I left it behind a long time ago.” Lucas said with a little smile on his face. Her praise meant so much to him.

Glory cocked her head to one side to see what she could see that way and the painting changed to something else.

“Wow! Look at it this way. It’s completely different.” Lucas put his head on the side to see.

“That is very cool! I didn’t do that on purpose.” he said.

“I love when that happens!” Glory said. “Abstracts can do that to you. They’re different depending on how you look at them. Since there’s no image, it can be anything anyone wants it to be. What else are you thinking of adding?”

“Not sure, but it doesn’t feel like it’s done yet.” Lucas said, standing back to look at the piece again.

“Carry on, then. I’m almost done here, so I can clean up and make a list.” Glory said.

Lucas smiled at her with relief. He was so glad that she understood this.

Once Glory had finished cleaning up and checking her fridge and cupboards to see what she needed, she sat down with her cell phone to check email and Facebook and Twitter. She didn’t want to make Lucas feel rushed. Lucas finished up and took his brushes into the utility room to clean and then joined Glory at the table.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Just waiting for you.” Glory said, getting up to grab some shoes.

The grocery store was quiet so it didn’t take long to get though. When they got home, they worked together to make something to eat. They went with just chicken and salad, because it was a little late for a big meal.

As they were finishing up, Lucas said, “I’ve lost track of our agenda. Is it fucking or vegging first? Or does it matter?”

Glory tiptoed up to kiss him quickly on the lips. “It’s just a loose guideline, so whatever works. It’s a little early for bed, so how about we watch a movie?”

“Or…we could take our time about fucking…no need for speed there.” Lucas suggested.

Glory giggled. “So, we should skip vegging? Is this what you’re saying?”

Lucas pulled her close and kissed her deeply, pulling away breathless and aroused. “I think we can veg some other time.” he said and pressed his lips against hers again and started to back them into the bedroom.


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