Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 8 – Boyfriend

Traffic was stupid and Glory was getting very frustrated as she tried to make decent time getting home from work. Lucas had flown in that day and used the key that she’d given him last time he’d been in Toronto to let himself in and start dinner.

But there seemed to be something keeping traffic from moving, and no matter what route she took, she came up against a brick wall. So she cranked up her stereo and danced and sang her way through the traffic.

She’d told Lucas she’d be home by 5:30 and at 5:45, her phone rang.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Traffic. Sorry. It’s usually not this bad. Figures, eh? I have a hot man waiting at home for me and I can’t get there,” Glory said.

“I’ll keep. Just wanted to make sure you were okay,” he said.

“If there’s an accident, I’m behind it, not in it,” Glory said craning her neck to see if she could see what was holding them up.

“So, how long do you anticipate?” he asked. “I don’t want to start getting things ready until I know you’re almost here.”

“What have you got planned over there, movie-boy?” she asked with a smile in her voice. “You might want to hold off on dinner until after sex.”

“Don’t worry…I’ve got sex worked into the equation,” he said in a husky voice. “Half an hour long enough to get you home?”

“I’ll probably be there shortly after 6, but, yeah, give me half an hour. If that changes, I’ll call you,” she said, not at all certain that, at her current speed, she couldn’t walk home faster!

“Okay, I’ll plan for half an hour, then. Can’t wait to see you,” Lucas said.

“Me, too,” Glory answered in a throaty whisper and then signed off.

It was almost half an hour to the minute when she walked through the door. The traffic had cleared enough to let her get onto one of her side road shortcuts and avoid at least some of the traffic.

Lucas greeted her at the door with a long hug and an even longer kiss. He still had an oven mitt on one hand and he turned from her to go back into the kitchen while she put her lunch bag down and kicked her shoes off.

Lucas was putting a pan of pull-apart bread on the table with melted butter, salsa and hummus to dip. “Appetizer…and we can move on to the main course from there, or use this to sustain us through some extended lovemaking,” he said with a little bow. He pulled her chair out from the table for her to sit.

It had been just over a month since his last visit, but Glory had been hungering for him. When he had called earlier this week to say he’d be in town, that hunger had intensified. She wasn’t sure if she could sit calmly across the table from him eating dinner until she had made love to him, but she would give it a try! The anticipation was delicious!

And so was the pull-apart bread! The surface was brushed with butter and covered in spices.

They chatted about everything and nothing, and although she still yearned to have her hands and mouth on him, Glory found that she was really enjoying talking to him, too. He was so funny and so engaging, their time together seemed to fly by. He brought out the meal when he didn’t see any indication that they were ready to move things to the bedroom: baked chicken with potatoes and salad.

Lucas had been to Christopher’s Haven the week before and he told her all about the kids that he had met there this time. It was a home near the Massachusetts General Hospital for kids battling cancer. He made a point to go there at least a couple of times a year and he always came away so inspired by the courageous battles these kids fought.

Glory had been to a weekend art retreat since they’d seen each other and she had gotten some fresh ideas and was utilizing what she’d learned in her painting. She couldn’t wait to show him her latest pieces. But over dinner, they discussed the use of different brush techniques to convey different emotions and even movement on a canvas. They talked about the Group of Seven and how some of the techniques they’d used had been taught at this workshop and how Glory was incorporating them into her work.

“I can’t wait to see the paintings,” Lucas said. “and the new techniques. I’ve got to make time for some classes or workshops. I feel like I need some extra schooling in this.”

“You should, babe! Then we could get together and I can show you my new stuff while you show me yours,” Glory said.

The suggestiveness of her comment came clear to her when she looked up and saw the heat in his eyes. “Have we had enough anticipation yet?” he asked.

“Long time ago…I was just waiting on you, movie-boy,” Glory said, getting up and preparing to run if he took offense to her continued use of that nickname.

“Movie-boy…I’m not sure that I like that,” he said. “Maybe movie-man…?” He had gotten up, too and now he took her hand to lead her towards the bedroom. The dishes would definitely have to wait.

“Well, you’ll have to earn it…” She let her voice trail off as she pulled him in for a kiss and started pulling at her clothes to get them off. She had definitely had enough anticipation!

They fell into the bed half undressed, kissing and caressing and pulling off any clothes that was still in their way. Their dinnertime anticipation left no room for foreplay, so in very short order, Lucas reached over for a condom and they came crashing together in a shattering orgasm.

They held each other with their breath coming in ragged gasps until they were able to come back to their senses.

“Okay,” Glory said, breathlessly. “Movie-man.”

Lucas laughed so hard, he almost fell off the bed. “Is that all I had to do to be upgraded?” he said, finally.

“Careful…you may get downgraded again,” Glory said sternly, before breaking out into a big grin. “God, I love to make you laugh like that!”

Lucas gathered her into his arms again and they lay together for a long time, each alone with their own thoughts.

“So what brings to you to Toronto this time?” Glory asked, eventually, interrupting the silence.

Lucas was quiet for a long time. He had just wanted to see her; to hold her in his arms, make love to her, kiss her, hear her laugh at his jokes; but he didn’t know if she was ready to hear that yet. But, try as he might, he couldn’t think of a good story to tell her this time.

“You,” he said, finally.

She propped herself up on her elbow to look at him. “But that’s not the way this works, is it? I thought I was a nice diversion when you had to be in town, not the reason you came to town,” she said, holding his eye.

He shrugged. “I really wanted to see you and I saw on Facebook that it’s your birthday this week, so I came up just for you,” he said.

She settled back down with her head on his shoulder and didn’t say anything for a few minutes. “And the other times?” she asked.

Lucas sighed. “Those locations did have to be scouted, but I didn’t have to do it personally, and I could have flown through New York to Berlin with no layover…” He let his voice trail off hoping he had not screwed things up here completely.

Again, there was silence from Glory. Finally, Lucas stroked her hair back from her face and said, “Glory, are you still with me?”

“I…” she stopped for a moment. “I thought I was your Toronto girl.”

“What do you mean, ‘my Toronto girl’?” he asked.

“I mean, someone to hook up with when you had to be in town…like your Boston girl or your LA girl or your Chicago girl…” she blurted out.

Lucas laughed, quietly. “Well, that’s a real compliment to my virility, babe, but no, I don’t have a girl in every port. There’s just you.” he said, pulling her in a little closer.

Glory needed a minute to take this in. The relationship she’d thought she had with him wasn’t what it seemed at all. His only girl…despite her doubts, this thought made her feel warm inside.

“I…the only real reason I’ve been keeping this as casual as it’s been is because of what you said that first weekend we were together,” Lucas said.

Glory tried to think back to what she might have said, but she had been overtired and pretty drunk by the time she had laid her head down on his bed, and nothing was coming to her, so she asked.

“You said that you couldn’t see yourself in a relationship with a celebrity because you’re a private person and you didn’t think you could stand the media’s intrusiveness,” he answered her.

“I said that?” Glory asked, still snuggled into his shoulder.

“You most certainly did,” Lucas said, “and I can completely understand the sentiment, so I didn’t push it.”

Glory laughed. “Well, if I said that, I said it to let you know that I didn’t expect anything from you…that I wouldn’t be calling and hanging onto you if you just wanted a quick night with a gentle good-bye.”

Lucas laughed. “So, you’re okay to take this further? I know we talked about it a little bit last time and you’re right that living this far apart makes things difficult, but are you willing to try?” he asked, hopefully.

Glory didn’t answer for a moment. “Willing to try what, exactly?” she asked, trying to make sure she knew what she was getting herself into.

Lucas sighed, then shook his head. He pushed her up so that he could see her face. “I…” he shook his head again, hoping he wasn’t jumping the gun here. “I love you, Glory. I have for a while now. You can call our relationship what you want, but to me, you’re my girlfriend, my only girlfriend.”

She looked at him with disbelief! Lucas Wolfe loved her! What was she supposed to do with that? But she didn’t look away. She could see the longing in his eyes; a longing to hear her say those words to him. Did she love him?  She ran her finger down his cheek and then down over his beard. She moved it to his moustache and then pressed her lips to his in a sweet kiss that went on for a long time.

She was smiling when she pulled back. “You are too much sometimes, you know that?” she said.

“I know…my mom tells me that all the time,” he said, stroking her cheek with his finger. “You don’t have to say it if you don’t feel it. I can wait. Don’t leave, though. I don’t think I could handle that.”

She sniffed and realized that she was crying…why, she didn’t know. Lucas reached up and grabbed her a tissue from the bedside table to blow her nose. “I’m not going anywhere. Of course I love you! I didn’t think we were going there. At least not yet.”

He laughed with relief and then grabbed a tissue for himself. “You scared me there. I thought you were going to leave me hanging!”

She held his eyes for what seemed like forever before saying, “Never,” and laying her head back down on his shoulder.

There was a smile on Lucas’ face that wouldn’t go away. She loved him! If he ever needed a good reason to live in the present moment, he was holding it in his arms, and right at that moment, he was the happiest he could ever remember being.

“So what do you want to do for your birthday, beautiful?” he asked.

“Mom’s having everyone over on Monday, which is the actual day…when are you flying out? Would you be able to stay?” Glory asked.

“My flight is on Tuesday…are you okay with me coming?” he asked.

“Now that you’re my boyfriend,” Glory paused to savour the sound of that word, “it should be fine. If mom doesn’t like it, that’s too bad. Hopefully, she’ll wait until you’re gone before she lectures me.”

“Okay, but I’d like to take you someplace just the two of us, if that’s okay,” Lucas said.

“Sure, what did you have in mind?” Glory asked, propping herself up to look into his beautiful, blue eyes.

“Oh, I don’t know. Where’s a nice romantic place to have our first date?” he asked.

“Right, it is our first date, isn’t it? It feels like we’ve known each other for so long.” Glory said.

“But I never took you out so we didn’t have to deal with the reporters or autograph hounds…maybe you want to keep it that way…?” Lucas offered.

“No, we can go out. There’s  lots of nice places to go…from the CN Tower to some of the more exclusive steak houses in Toronto; there are a few place out in the suburbs, too, that are really good. Do you like Greek food? I know a few really nice places in Greektown,” Glory said, offering some suggestions.

“I’ve never been up the CN Tower, so why don’t I see if I can get reservations there for tomorrow night?” Lucas asked. “We can go and see the tower and be tourists and then go up for dinner.”

“Sounds perfect,” Glory said, snuggling back down onto his shoulder.

They were quiet for a few moments, each alone with their own thoughts, until Lucas broke the silence.

“You know, I don’t even know how old you are,” he said.

Glory smiled. They HAD been keeping things casual, hadn’t they? “I’m thirty on Monday, so a bit of a big deal,” she said.

“Yeah, I’d say!” he said. “My mom’s throwing a party for my 35th next month…maybe that could be your trip to Boston that we talked about…?”

“To come to your birthday party and meet all of your friends and family in one place? Didn’t I do that to you last time you were here?” Glory said with a little laugh.

“As a matter of fact, you did. The difference will be that everyone there already knows about you and I’ll be introducing you as my girlfriend. Might be a little easier…” he said.

“Touché,” Glory said, quietly. “Sorry about that. I hadn’t ever expected to have to introduce you to everyone like that. I’m just glad it went so well. You did make a good impression on my mom, though…she keeps asking when you’ll be coming back for another visit.”

“Parents and babies I don’t have a problem interacting with. I’m sure if Kelsey could talk, she’d be asking the same thing,” Lucas said with a laugh.

Lucas felt Glory stiffen at the mention of Kelsey. “We don’t have to talk about the baby thing, yet, do we?” Glory asked.

“We definitely do not have to talk about the baby thing yet. You know how I feel and I know how you feel. It’ll be years before it’ll really be an issue and who knows where we’ll be by then,” he said, and he felt her relax again against him.

“Good…don’t want to ruin tonight with a disagreement,” she said.

“I don’t think anything could ruin tonight,” Lucas said, stroking her hair back from her face. “You’ve made me a very happy man tonight.”

“I seem to make a habit of doing that. You said the same thing that first time we slept together…or I guess the first time we made love,” Glory corrected herself.

“I did, didn’t I? I couldn’t believe that you actually came up to play cards. I know I probably shouldn’t have kissed you or sent you to sleep in my bed, but I was drunk and thought I’d push my luck, and I’m glad I did!” Lucas said. “Just the way you stood next to me watching your sister and your cousin going all fangirl on Greg without losing your cool with me…it was nice. It made me think you were a little different.”

“You don’t know how hard that was,” Glory said. “When I realized who you were…that’s why I couldn’t look at you. I vowed that I wasn’t going to embarrass myself in front of you. I figured that too many women have gone all gaga on you and you didn’t need another one doing it when all you wanted was a couple of slices to end your night.”

“But sometimes, I’ll look across the room and catch sight of you and part of me still goes…OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! IT’S LUCAS WOLFE!!” she finished.

Lucas laughed and said, “Well, I’m glad you hold that in. You’re right that I have enough women doing that to me right now.”

“Oh, don’t lie. You love it. You’re just waiting for that Sexiest Man Alive title to come your way. I don’t know why it hasn’t yet. You should have gotten it after ‘Return of the Soldier’, with that amazing shirtless scene. What did your costar call it? Rippling deliciousness?”

Lucas laughed until he had tears in his eyes. “Oh, she is a pip! She wanted to see me blush in public, and it worked! She still teases me about that,” he said, when he could finally talk again.

Glory was laughing, too; his laugh was so infectious! They lay quietly for a few minutes, and it was Glory who broke the silence. “I love you, Lucas,” she said, softly.

Lucas smiled and pulled her in closer. “I love you, too, babe. It’s early; I’d love to spend the evening here in bed with you, but if you want to get up…”

“Nope…I’m exactly where I want to be; right here in your arms,” she said, tightening her grip on him, too.

“You don’t know how good it feels to hear you say that,” he said, closing his eyes. He shouldn’t be tired, but he found himself drifting on the edge of sleep. Suddenly, he felt Glory tense up and shake for a second.

“What was that?” he asked, not opening his eyes.

“Sorry, I thought you were asleep,” Glory said. “That was a fangirl moment…just a thrill going through me. You may have to pinch me.”

Lucas pinched her lightly on the arm and she giggled. Then he pinched her side and she squirmed to get away from his pinching fingers. He continued to pinch and tickle her while she screamed and squirmed to get away. But when he grabbed both of her hands to keep her from pushing him away, she tensed and the look of fear on her face stopped Lucas in his tracks. He dropped her hands, saying, “Are you okay?”

She blew her breath out through pursed lips before saying, “I’m good, I just have a bit of a phobia about being trapped like that. You did it the last time you were here, too, and I had a hard time with it,” she said, quietly.

“You need to let me know stuff like that,” Lucas said. “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, ever!”

Glory shrugged. “It’s okay. I dealt with it, but now that you’re my boyfriend…” She paused again to savour the idea.

“How long are you going to go off into lalaland every time you say ’boyfriend’?” Lucas teased her.

“Until it gets old, I guess. Right now, it’s such a novelty,” Lucas laughed, quietly, and pulled her back in beside him. She snuggled in a little closer and settled to sleep.

I am Lucas Wolfe’s girlfriend, she thought as she closed her eyes. She smiled and pressed her lips against his shoulder and closed her eyes, still smiling.


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