Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 7

“That was fun!” Lucas said to Glory on their way back to her place. He was driving; he had noticed early in the evening that Glory was enjoying her wine, so he stopped drinking so that he could get them home.

“It definitely went much better than I thought it would.” Glory said. “Mom was in good form tonight. She’s usually really hard on Jeff and whomever I’m dating. Holly said Jeff was working, but he was probably avoiding mom.”

“Why is she so hard on your guys? Does it have anything to do with your dad leaving?” Lucas asked.

“It has everything to do with my dad leaving. Mom has real trust issues around men. She doesn’t even date anymore.” Glory shrugged. Her mom had always been tight-lipped about her dad’s leaving…Glory had woken up one day and he was just gone.

“Maybe I won her over with my charm?” Lucas offered.

Glory smiled at him. “Maybe…or maybe your celebrity status made her a little shy of giving you a hard time.” she said. She was turned sideways in her seat so she could watch him drive.

“Well, it’s such a pain in the ass sometimes, it’s got to be good for something!” Lucas said with a self-deprecating smile.

“You covered nicely when mom asked where you were staying.” Glory said. That could have been disastrous!

“Well, she didn’t actually ask where I was staying, just where I stayed when I was in Toronto, so I wasn’t lying. I do usually stay at the Crowne Plaza, as you know.” Lucas said.

Glory chuckled. “It was still a nice save,” she said. “Thanks.”

“No problem, babe,” Lucas said as he manoeuvred through the light evening traffic easily.

“And what’s with you and babies? Kelsey is sure a fan.” Glory asked. “Are you always like that?”

Lucas shrugged. “I love kids. They’re so honest and present. And they love nothing more than having a grown-up to play with…and I love to play! I’m just a big kid at heart.”

“So…you have a dream of being a dad someday, I take it.” Glory said.

“I think most guys do, don’t they?” he said.

“I guess.” Glory said, falling silent. Lucas glanced over at her at a red light.

“Not on your list of dreams?” he said, quietly.

“I guess I’m not the nurturing type. I like kids, but I’m not longing for a family of my own. That might change in time, but right now, I’m happy to do my own thing without those kinds of responsibilities.” Glory said. “I see Diana and Mitch and how they are now that they have Kelsey…I’m not ready for that.”

It was Lucas’ turn to be silent for a moment. Then he shrugged. He still had no idea how serious this was going to get, so there was no point sweating this now. Even if they did end up together, they were years away from kids. Who knew what might happen in that time?

It took them a few minutes to get all of Glory’s paintings up into her apartment and then she flopped down onto the couch. Lucas grabbed them each a beer before joining her.

He put his arm around her and she curled up next to him. He smiled to himself. He could definitely get used to this.

“Thank you so much for today. Not just the signing and helping out at the art show, but being there for me at dinner.” Glory said, taking a sip of her beer.

“That’s how I lure young girls in.” Lucas said, in a teasing voice. “I’m sweet and nice and then I take you to bed and you see my true nature.”

Glory giggled.

“What’s so funny, little girl?” he asked, putting his beer down so that he could tickle her. “If you want to laugh, I can make you laugh.”

Glory screamed with laughter and tried to push him away long enough to put her beer down. “Stop! Stop! I’m going to spill my beer!” she pleaded.

Lucas plucked her beer neatly from her hands and put it down next to his. “So tell, me…what were you giggling about?” He had both of her hands held tight in one of his, leaving his other hand free to tickle her if he didn’t like her answer.

Glory felt herself start to panic as she always did when she was trapped. She stiffened but held his eyes to keep the panic at bay. “Your true nature, eh? What is your true nature, movie-boy?” she said with more bravado than she felt.

Lucas gave her a wicked little grin and said, “You should know by now.”

Glory giggled again. “Yes, I do…that’s why I giggled.” and tried to pull away before he could start tickling her again, but to no avail. He pinned her to the couch underneath him, still tickling her and kissing and licking her face.

Finally, she managed to get her lips on his and their giggling and laughing heated up quickly to something more serious.

“I think this is more your true nature.” Glory said, breathlessly. “You’re a lover, not a fighter.”

“That is true.” Lucas said, and they said nothing else for a long time as they kissed and touched and teased each other.

“Wow! It’s been a long time since I’ve made out on a couch.” Lucas said. “Should I go grab a condom, or move this to the bedroom?”

“Let’s go to bed.” Glory whispered. She stood up and grabbed her beer, then sashayed towards the bedroom.

Lucas went around and shut off the few lights they had turned on before joining her in the bedroom, where he found her already under the covers.

“I was starting to wonder if you got lost, movie-boy.” Glory said, huskily.

“Just shutting down for the night.” he said, pulling his sweater off over his head and undoing his belt before slipping out of his pants. “Are you keeping my side warm for me? I hate getting in to a cold bed.”

“Well, my side is warm.” she said, suggestively. Lucas came around to her side and slid in beside her, running his cold hands up her side to her breasts and kissing her deeply.  She rolled over so that she was on top of him.

Glory sat up and reached over to the side table for a condom. She sat so that she could unrolled the condom slowly over him. Lucas watched this performance intently, trying to keep himself from throwing her over onto her back and fucking her. He loved the play, the tease, but sometimes it got to be too much.

Once she had him well protected, she lifted herself to slide down his length and took him deep inside of her with a moan. She leaned forward with her hands on his shoulders so that she could slowly move him in and out of her. She kissed him deeply and he held her ass with both of his hands, helping to raise her all of the way off of him before letting her plunge back down.

“Oh, god!” he said, as she continued this slow tease.

Glory sat up and cupped her breasts, pulling on her nipples and moaning. “Not god; goddess.” she corrected him, breathlessly.

“My goddess.” he said, replacing her hands with his on her breasts. “Come for me.” he whispered and let one hand drop down between her legs. Glory had been so close that his touch brought her orgasm slamming down on her. She pulled her legs in tight trying to contain the pleasure as she spasmed around him. He gritted his teeth as he let her feel the full extent of her orgasm before flipping her over onto her back and thrusting into her hard for his own climax. They lay like that for a few minutes, helplessly lost in the pleasure.

Lucas rolled off, holding his condom, and reached for tissues, then pulled her in close beside him, smoothing her hair away from his face…and he felt it again. That tenderness and caring; that stillness and peace that he associated with love. But even after all that they’d done this weekend so far, he wasn’t ready to speak of this feeling to her yet. He still didn’t think she was ready to hear it, or was feeling it herself yet…maybe she never would.

He stroked her hair and her back as she settled in closer to him. Her breathing soon fell into the rhythm of sleep and Lucas was left alone with his thoughts.

He fell in love too easily; he knew that about himself. But that was him and he wasn’t about to change. He had spoken the words too soon on a few occasions to his great detriment, so he was very careful about that now. Until he saw some indication that she felt the same way about him, he’d keep his counsel.

But here, in the dark, with her sleeping body in his arms, he could say the words, even if he was the only one who heard them. “I love you, Glory.” he whispered to her before closing his eyes and settling his mind for sleep.


Sunday was a quiet day. They woke late and kept each other in bed for an extra hour making love and talking. After a quick shower, Glory took Lucas through her yoga practise, offering some options that might work better for him than what she did. She had been doing yoga for a long time so she didn’t expect him to be able to do some of the more difficult poses, but he did surprise her. His core strength was up to most of what she did, even if he’d have to work on his flexibility.

They lay for a long time in Savasana. When Glory sat up, Lucas was still enjoying the peaceful quiet. He heard her soft voice say, “Stay there as long as you need to, babe.”

He cracked open one eye to see her sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed in quiet meditation. So he went back to his stillness.

When Glory was finished, she quietly got up and moved into the bedroom. She had some stuff to get organized for the work week and some emails to respond to. When she poked her head back out into the living room, she saw that Lucas was sitting cross-legged on his mat, so she sat back down on hers to finish their yoga session.

She brought her hands into prayer position and said, “Namaste.” and Lucas responded in kind.

“What does that mean?” Lucas asked. “Namaste.”

“That which is divine in me sees and honours that which is divine in you. It’s a word spoken between two peoples’ souls.” Glory said.

Lucas nodded and got to his feet, offering Glory a hand up, which she took. After cleaning and rolling the matts away, Glory fixed them bacon and eggs for breakfast. “Not exactly Ayurvedic, but I never claimed to be a yogini.”

Lucas laughed. “Much better than tempeh sausage any day.”

“You were a vegetarian at one point in time, weren’t you?” she asked, nibbling on a piece of bacon.

“Yeah, for a while…but I love meat. I try to buy from organic, sustainable, humane sources and I try to eat vegetarian once in a while, but not all the time.” he said, putting a forkful of eggs into his mouth.

“I try for one veggie meal a week…or more. It’s easier to cook veggie for one person than to cook meat, but I still like my meat.” Glory said.

“So, what’s on the agenda for this afternoon? Are we painting?” Lucas asked.

“If you want.” Glory said. “It’s always nice to paint with someone else.”

“I did start painting at home. It’s really meditative for me. I never realized how peaceful it would be, being creative like that.” he said, finishing his coffee.

Once the breakfast dishes were done, Glory set up the easels while Lucas took a couple of calls.

“My mom wants to meet you.” Lucas said once he got off the phone.

Glory made a face. “You’ve told your mom about me?” she asked.

Lucas shrugged. “You didn’t tell me this was a secret…I’ve told everyone about you.” he said.

“Everyone, as in who? And what’s there to tell?” Glory was very surprised that he would show this much interest in her when they weren’t together.

“Just a couple of my close friends and my family. Well, Greg and Shana already knew, but I told my mom, and my other sister, Becky. Does that bother you? I was really surprised to hear that you hadn’t told anyone about us.” he countered.

“Again, I’m still not sure what to tell them. And I’m not sure I’m even ready to define this as anything yet. We get together when you come to Toronto…that’s it, isn’t it?” she asked.

Lucas was starting to mix paints on his palette and didn’t answer for a moment.

“Yeah, that’s all it is for right now. I do really like you, though. Can I hope for something more someday?” he asked, focusing his eyes on his canvas.

Glory started mixing up her paints as well and they both started to paint in silence. Glory sometimes put on music when she painted and that day, she had put on the flamenco guitar music of Jesse Cooke, so the mood in the room was fiery and upbeat and that mood was reflected on both of their canvases.

They painted for over 2 hours before Glory felt her neck start to seize up and she had to take a break. She took a look at Lucas’ painting.

“I love the colours!” she said. “It reminds me of a sunrise over the lake, all blood red and golden yellow.”

“Like flames coming out of the water.” Lucas said. “You should see the sunset over the ocean. It’s spectacular!”

Glory stood next to him taking in all of the nuances of his painting. It was abstract, but she could sense the stillness of the water reflecting the intrusion of a new day. The fire radiated from the surface of the water out to the corners of the canvas. He had a very good eye and expressed himself well with paints.

Lucas stepped over to see what Glory had painted. It was him. The blue of his eyes, the reddish tinge in his beard, the black marker he used to sign autographs.

“I wanted to capture the essence of what a fan feels when they come to you for an autograph; there’s such anticipation and joy, but fear, too, which you seem to ease with your smile and your twinkling eyes.” She pointed to different areas of the canvas as she spoke. “I watched you yesterday. You almost have it down to an art. You take control of the situation and put everyone at their ease. It’s a joy to watch you work.” Glory was looking up at him as she spoke. She had to admit that she was still a little bit in awe of this beautiful man.

Lucas felt a blush start to burn up his neck. “That’s not really watching me work. Someday, I’ll bring you on-set for one of my movies and you can watch me do my real job.” he said. “This is part of being a celebrity, not part of being an actor.”

“So there’s no acting involved when you talk to fans?” Glory said, incredulously.

“Well, maybe a little.” Lucas said with a little laugh. He came around behind her and put his arms around her to get a better view of her painting. “You’ve never asked me for an autograph.” he said, trying to sound blasé.

She took both of his paint-stained hands and placed them on her breasts. “I can think of better uses for these hands than signing silly pictures.” she said in a husky voice.

“Well, I can’t argue with you there. But I’d better clean up before we start anything or I’ll end up marking you for life with these paints.” he said, and moved away to take brushes and palettes into the laundry room to clean up.

Once they had finished cleaning up, though, the moment had passed and Glory suggested a walk by the ravine near her apartment. “It was still pretty dry down by the creek earlier this week, but if it’s wet, there’s a high trail we can take.” she said. “I’m feeling the urge to be outdoors now that spring is finally here.”

“Let’s do it.” Lucas said. He had brought a pair of rougher boots along with his sneakers. They were a fashion choice, but they were leather and a better choice for a walk by the ravine than his Converse.

They walked along the quiet street until they came to the trail that led into the park, then turned down towards the creek. The rushing water drown out most other sounds, but the sparrows and starlings still made their voices heard along with the odd randy robin calling for a mate.

They walked in silence hand-in-hand, enjoying the signs of life bursting forth all around them. Early April was a beautiful time in Toronto; the fauna was just starting to wake up and poke its sleepy fronds up into the light and they could smell green earth all around them.

“You didn’t answer my question.” Lucas said, suddenly breaking into the cacophony of nature.

Glory looked at him confused. “What question?” she asked.

“I asked you if I should hope for something more in time between us.” he said, softly.

Glory shrugged. “There’s always hope, babe. I really like you, too, but there is the matter of us living almost 4,000 kilometers away from each other.” she said. “Makes having a relationship pretty challenging.”

“4,000 kilometers…is that about 2,000 miles?” he asked.

“Something like that.” Glory answered.

“I do spend quite a lot of time in Boston.” he said, hopefully.

“Even that’s almost a thousand kilometers away.” she said. “Let’s face it, if we were going to have something more than this, one of us would have to relocate…and I can’t see it being you.”

Lucas thought about this for a moment. “It would be difficult for me to move up here.” he admitted.

“And, as much as I like you, I don’t want to live in the states.” Glory said. “Most Americans scare me.”

“Me, too.” Lucas said, with a little chuckle. “So I guess that leaves us right where we are. Maybe you could come and visit me in Boston when I’m there…if you want to.”

“I’ve never been to Boston. That might be a fun way to spend a weekend this summer.” Glory said, mulling the idea over in her mind. “Yeah, let’s plan on that.” she said.

“Okay! Well, that’s a start.” Lucas said, not able to keep his pleasure off of his face. He put his arm over her shoulders and they kept walking.

“You know, we should have done this before we painted. I’m seeing so many images that I could put onto canvas out here!” he said.

“There’s nothing stopping us from painting some more when we get back. I have good lighting in that area, so even when the sun goes down…” Glory said. “There’s nights when I come home from work and look up to see it’s midnight and I haven’t even eaten dinner yet!”

And so, when they got back to the apartment, Lucas set himself up to paint again while Glory made them some chili for supper. She had poured everything out on canvas that she needed to and now felt light and empty and not in need of the therapy that a canvas and brush offered her. She found that when she tried to paint when she was like this, nothing happened.

She watched Lucas from the kitchen, dashing off a few lines on his canvas with charcoal before starting to mix colours on his palette. His brush strokes were sometimes bold and sure, and other times tentative and halting. He asked Glory to help him get a particular shade that he was looking for right once, but spent the rest of the time in his own little creative world.

When the chili was ready, she was reluctant to interrupt the creative process, so she walked up behind him and stood watching for a few minutes.

“Chili’s ready, isn’t it?” Lucas asked. “I can smell it.” He didn’t stop what he was doing or look at her.

“Yeah, but it’ll keep. I don’t want to interrupt you.” Glory said, softly.

“Give me…10 more minutes. I just want to finish this…thing.” He pointed his paintbrush at the area of the canvas he was working on. Then he turned towards her and gave her a quick kiss before turning back and placing his brush on the canvas.

True to his word, 10 minutes later, Lucas headed into the laundry room to clean his hands. Glory went and took his brush, and wrapping it in plastic wrap, put it in the freezer.

When Lucas came out, he noticed his brush was gone and looked at Glory for an explanation.

“I thought you’d want to continue after supper, so I put your brush in the freezer so it wouldn’t dry out.” she said.

Lucas nodded and sat down at the table. There was chili and bread and sour cream and cheese. The chili wasn’t very spicy hot, but it was wonderfully flavourful. When Lucas commented on the lack of heat, Glory said, “I don’t really like hot stuff. It burns your taste buds out so that eventually you can’t taste the more subtle spices.”

They enjoyed their dinner with beer, but Glory could tell that the canvas was calling to Lucas, so once they were done, she shooed him back to his painting while she cleaned up the kitchen.

It was another 2 hours before he was satisfied with his work. He stood there and looked at it for a long time before beckoning Glory over for final approval.

“I can see the stream and the early vegetation there.” she said, pointing to the pale green that is only seen in the early spring. “What’s this, flickering through the trees up here?” she asked.

“That’s us;” he said, “two unsuspecting creatures whose souls have been stolen by my painting.”

Glory laughed. “I think that’s just cameras that do that, isn’t it?”

“Well, if that’s the case, my soul’s been gone for years.” he said, laughing, too.

Glory stretched up to kiss him. “Go clean up if you’re done. I’ve got dessert.”

“Dessert’s not you?” he asked, the heat in his eyes telegraphing his need after all of this creative work.

“Maybe…” she said, letting her voice trail off as she moved away from him into the kitchen.

Lucas watched her beautiful ass as she walked away from him and smiled. How could she do that? Turn him on with a look and a smile like that?

When Lucas came out of the laundry room with his smock over his arm, he found the dining room and living room empty. “Glory?” he called out.

“In here.” she called from the bedroom.

Okay, he thought. I guess dessert IS her, and made his way into the bedroom, peeking around the door to see what he was in for.

She was sitting up in bed, completely naked. When she saw him come into the room, she picked up a strawberry and placed it in her mouth, biting it slowly in half, then licking her lips sensuously before putting the rest of the berry into her mouth and delicately licking her fingers.

Lucas leaned against the doorframe to take in the tableau before him. On the bedside table was a bowl of berries and a bowl of whipped cream. This was a game he hadn’t played in a very long time.

“What, no champagne?” he asked with a seductive smile on his face.

“No, sorry. Didn’t even think about champagne when I was planning this. Does it go good with strawberries?” she asked.

“Very good. Maybe when you’re in Boston, I’ll show you just how good.” He pushed off from the doorframe and came over to her side of the bed, running two fingers through the top of the whipped cream, and kneeling beside the bed, offered them to her to lick off. He fully expected the jolt of pleasure to his groin, but he still gasped when he felt her tongue start to lick the sweet cream from his fingers.

When she was done, she gave him an innocent smile and he shook his head. He ran a finger through the whipped cream again, this time depositing it on one of her nipples. She hadn’t been expecting that and squeaked in surprise as the coldness made her areola pucker. But it wasn’t cold for long as Lucas dipped his head to take her nipple into his mouth, lingering there long after the taste of whipped cream was gone.

She drew his mouth up to hers and soon they were lost in each other and had completely forgotten about the dessert that had started this.

As they lay together afterwards, breathless and glowing, Glory asked, “So champagne makes it better than this?” His arms were around her and her head was nestled into his shoulder.

Lucas chuckled, which sounded like thunder rumbling through his chest. “I don’t know about better…that was pretty good…but it is nice with the berries. But it has to be the real deal, though, not some domestic bubbly.”

“I would expect nothing less.” she said, haughtily. “Only the best for the queen of the art show scene!”

Lucas put his head back and laughed. “You were pretty impressive yesterday.” he said.

Glory smiled. Every once in a while, she still found herself thrilling to the fact that this was Lucas Wolfe and he thought she was pretty impressive! She had just made love to Lucas Wolfe and made him chili and taught him how to do yoga. She was a part of his life…his Toronto girl. It gave her a warm glow. Most of the time, it was easy to see him as just a guy, but every once in a while…

The berries and whipped cream got eaten in bed while they talked and Lucas took the dishes into the kitchen before they settled down to sleep.

The next day was Monday, and she had to work. Lucas had lined up several locations that he needed to take a look at and he had an appointment at city hall to talk about the perks being offered film companies for filming in Toronto and area. Glory already had their dinner planned and would set up the crockpot in the morning so that they’d just have to come home and eat.


Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 6 – Art Show

Glory was up early the next morning, but she didn’t get up. She was nervous and anxious and what she needed was the slow, sensual lovemaking that Lucas was so good at. When they were done and he had her cradled in his arms, she felt like she owned the world!

There wasn’t much to do until they got to the yacht club, so they took their time over breakfast, eating and then doing the dishes together. Then they had a long, hot shower, full of further explorations.

Glory had an image that she liked to project of herself when she was ‘playing’ the artist at her shows. She put on a pair of tights and a filmy, multi-layered top in shades of aqua and green and she finished the outfit with a long vest. The colours and the flow of the fabric made her feel connected and grounded and in the perfect frame of mind to talk to people about her art.

“Wow! That outfit is great…you really look the part of an artist!” Lucas said, coming in and putting his arms around her.

“It’s got a nice flow to it; let’s me feel free to express myself more easily.” Glory said, stroking his beard and kissing him sweetly before turning away to put on some make-up. She never wore much make-up and she didn’t make exceptions for art shows.

Lucas was dressed simply in a sweater and jeans and looked spectacular! But then again, she thought he looked that good no matter what he had on.

With Lucas coming to the art show, Glory was even more anxious than usual before a show. She sat down cross-legged on the floor to try to still her mind for a few minutes. She opened her eyes to see that Lucas was doing the same thing.

He gave her a self-deprecating smile and said, “Hey, I’m nervous, too. Meeting all of your friends and family, and signings don’t put me at ease, either.”

“Do you have any mantras that you use to meditate to? I usually let the energy flow through the chakras until it’s flowing unimpeded.” Glory said. She wasn’t sure if he did yoga or not, but she had read somewhere that he did meditate.

“I usually sit quietly and let go of the noise in my head.” he said. “You’ll have to teach me about chakras.”

So Glory talked about the chakras as they sat together; the position of each, what systems in the body they affected, and what they felt like when they were open. Lucas found her voice mesmerizing as she spoke and was focusing more on the sound than on her words. They sat quietly after she stopped talking for some time settling their minds and getting to a point of ease with the tasks ahead.

Glory brought her hands up to prayer position and softly said, “Namaste.”

Lucas responded in kind and stretched out his neck before standing and offering Glory a hand up.

“Thanks.” she said. “Do you do yoga? We should do it together.”

“No, no yoga.” Lucas said. “I’ve always wanted to try it, but never have. So, yes, I’d love to do it with you.”

“Tomorrow.” Glory said. “Today, we have to do some art. Are you ready?”

“Absolutely!” he said. They grabbed jackets and Glory’s purse and they were out the door.


Desirée met them at the yacht club and they went around and met the rest of the artists. Marion had her booth set up next to Glory’s and came over to meet Lucas and chat with Glory about her set up. Glory ended up moving a couple of paintings at Marion’s suggestion and Lucas had to admit that the changes were for the better.

Several of the artists and other organizers came over to get their signed print before the doors opened and to take pictures with Lucas. Glory had a good eye for photography, so she took the pictures.

Finally, Miguel, who was a photographer, sent Glory in to stand near Lucas for a few shots. They sat together talking for a couple of shots, then Lucas stood up behind Glory with his hands on her shoulders and leaned in as if to listen to something she said. After that, Lucas pulled Glory out from behind the table and put his arms around her as though they were dancing. He held her mesmerized with his piercing blue gaze. When Miguel stopped shooting, Lucas gave Glory a quick squeeze before going to see what the pictures looked like.

“Those are spectacular!” Lucas said.

“You’re a natural in front of the camera,” Miguel said. “and so is Glory. You guys made it easy. I just had to point and shoot!”

“Well, I’ve had lots of practise.” Lucas said, flipping through the pictures again. “Can I get you to blow this one up for me and mount it?” he asked, showing Miguel one of the dancing pictures.

“Of course!  I’d love to add that one to my collection, if I can get you guys to sign releases.” he said.

“Let’s talk afterwards.” Lucas said. He could see the look of concern on Glory’s face around having her picture up on display in Miguel’s collection.

Glory came up and put her arm around Lucas and said, “You are a natural. You seem so at ease in front of the camera.”

“Like I said, lots of practise. It gets easy after a while. It was fun to call the shots, though. I don’t get to do that very often. That dancing picture will look great up in my house in LA.” Lucas said. “You know, if you’re not comfortable with Miguel adding it to his collection, maybe he could blur the faces. That would definitely give it more of an artistic feel.”

Glory thought about that for a moment. “We’ll talk to him after the show and see what his intentions are around that one. Looks like the doors are about to open. Are you ready?” Glory said.

Lucas held up a handful of Sharpies and smiled. Holly came over then and hugged Glory and shook Lucas’ hand. “Mom’s on a bit of a warpath about you not bringing Lucas to dinner last night.” Holly said.

“You didn’t tell her anything, did you?” Glory asked.

“No…just that he was here to see you.” Holly said.

“Well, that much is true.” Glory said, looking concerned. “Hopefully, she won’t make a scene here.”

And that was the last they were able to talk as the doors opened and crowds of people made a bee-line to see Lucas. Desirée had been very canny in how she had set things up, though. As people were waiting to meet Lucas, there were booths all the way around that they could go into.

Glory watched Lucas as he greeted people, laughing and chatting comfortably with everyone. He put his focus on each person, making them feel special for that moment in time that they had with him. He was a joy to watch work.

Glory didn’t have a great deal of time to stand around watching him, though, as many people were being drawn into her booth and she was busy with customers and potential customers. Holly was doing a great job handling the cash for both Lucas and herself.

Lucas sensed Holly’s tension as she saw a two women coming towards their booth. She called to Glory over her shoulder, but Glory was with a customer and couldn’t come out to the front of the booth before the women got there.

“Hi, mom; Aunt Claire.” Holly said. “This is Lucas Wolfe. You remember us talking about meeting him before Christmas.” Lucas gave a little wave as he was still talking to a couple of other people.

When he was done, he stood up and shook hands with both women and greeted them properly.

“Hi Claire…” He shook Glory’s aunt’s hand and then realized that he didn’t know her mom’s name! “and Mrs. Campbell.” He extended his hand to shake Glory’s mom’s hand.

“So formal!” she said, with a smile. “You can call me Beth.” She shook his hand firmly. “These prints turned out really well!” Beth had picked up one of the prints from the table and held it up to compare it with the original.

“They did.” Glory said, coming up behind her mom and giving her a hug. “Marion’s printer is pretty well respected, and I can see why.”

“Are they selling well?” Claire asked.

“Like hotcakes!” Holly said. “Lucas’ autograph is a big selling point!”

Lucas shrugged and said, “All for a good cause.” and turned to greet another group of people coming up to the table.

Beth pulled out her wallet to give Holly money for a couple of prints for her and her sister and they chatted with Glory for a minute until Lucas was free to sign them.

“Don’t go away!” Glory said and scooted out of the booth to go and see if she could get Miguel to come and take a couple of family shots for them.

It took a minute to clear everyone from in front of the table, but they managed to get several great shots of all 4 of them with Lucas. In all of them, Glory was next to Lucas and Miguel could see a very nice bond there. The little touches, fond looks, and caring attitude came through in all of the pictures.

“I’ll send these to you, Glory. You can let me know if you want any of them blown up or fixed up, okay?” Miguel said before heading back to his booth.

After Lucas signed the prints for Beth and Claire, Claire moved on and Beth stayed to chat with Glory. Lucas had been a little worried because of what Holly had said, but the conversation seemed amiable.

As Beth was leaving, she stopped and leaned in to Lucas, saying, “I hope you don’t have any plans for tonight because I’d like to take you all out for dinner. Diana will be here with Mitch and Kelsey a little later and it’ll be nice to get the family together.”

Lucas smiled and said, “That sounds great. As long as Glory’s in, so am I.”

“Great! We’re going to wander, so I’ll see you later.” Beth said and moved on to Marion’s booth.

Lucas looked over at Glory, but she was busy with another customer. He could see that several of her smaller paintings were gone from the scaffolding and he smiled. A good day all around! Then another group of people came for autographs and he lost himself in the job of signing and promoting Glory’s work.

The afternoon passed quickly. Towards the end of the show, Lucas noticed that the crowds seemed to be thinning and there were fewer people coming to him for autographs.

A glass of white wine appeared next to him and he looked up to see Glory standing there with her own glass. “You looked like you could use it.” she said, and held her glass out to him to toast.

Lucas took a sip and closed his eyes to savour the taste. It wasn’t the best wine, but it wasn’t bad either…like he was any kind of wine connoisseur! It was wet and had alcohol in it…that’s all that mattered to him at that moment.

Glory reached over and pulled the Sharpie out of his hand. “Doors are closed. You’re off duty.”

Lucas smiled at her and stretched out his hand. “I signed a lot of prints. How did we do, Holly?” he asked, looking over at Holly, who was counting money.

“Well, we had 200 prints and it looks like we’ve only got about 50 left. And Glory, you sold 5 paintings! That’s great!” Holly said.

“And I’ve got a buyer interested in that one.” Glory said, pointing to one of her bigger pieces. “He didn’t want to take it with him today, but I’ve got his number, so I’ll connect with him next week.”

“So a very successful afternoon.” Lucas said and held his glass up again to toast the two ladies.

“So, yeah, we made $4,500 on the prints, and that’s all going to the charity, and Glory you pulled in $450, and if you sell that one, that’s another $450…not bad.” Holly said.

“Not bad! That’s the most I’ve sold at a show! I usually have lots of browsers.” Glory said.

Lucas smiled up at her. What he wanted to do is to take her in his arms and kiss her, but he could see her mom and aunt still talking to Desirée, so he restrained himself. But he did stand up and give her a hug.

“Thank you so much for doing this, Lucas. You probably drew a lot of people in that wouldn’t have otherwise come.” Glory said, not letting him go.

“Glad I could help.” he said, pulling away and looking her in the eye. Holly had moved off to let Desirée know how much they had raised with the prints.

“I want to kiss you.” Lucas whispered and brought his hand up to stroke Glory’s cheek.

“I know. Me, too.” Glory whispered back. “We can catch it up later.”

Beth came up then and claimed Glory for a hug. “Congratulations, darling! You did so well!” Beth looked up to see that the Matt Hunter painting was still there. “You didn’t sell this one? I thought I heard someone asking about it.”

Glory looked at the painting nervously. She didn’t want to sell that one…it had special meaning for her, but could she say that without giving away their relationship?

“That one’s mine.” Lucas said, quickly. “I don’t have a spot for it, yet, so I’m leaving it with Glory until I do.”

“Oh. I didn’t realize.” Beth said, looking back at Glory, who shrugged it off.

“He told me he wanted it as soon as he saw it.” she said. “You don’t say no to Captain Hunter.”

Holly had already started pulling the paintings down off of the scaffolding and wrapping them up, so Glory and Lucas went into the booth to help her. All the rest of the artists were doing the same thing.

After a few minutes, Lucas excused himself to go over and talk to Miguel about their pictures. Miguel had loaded the photos onto his computer so that they could look at them in detail. They chatted about a few of them and Lucas settled with him on the shot he wanted, then he waved Glory over.

Miguel had started playing with the shot to mask the faces a little bit and by the time Glory came over, her face was almost fully in shadow and Lucas’ face was in profile but still visible.

“How’s that look?” Miguel asked Glory. “If you think we need to blur it as well, I can do that, but all you can see now is the edge of your jawline.”

Glory looked at the picture. It was a very good picture. The way Lucas was looking down at her made her heart skip a beat.

“What do you think, Miguel?”  Glory asked. “I don’t want to screw up your shot…I’m just not sure I want my face up at all of your exhibits.”

“I like it with the shadow.” Miguel said. “Lucas’ face is well known, but to have his dance partner be a mystery works well for me.”

“But the one I’m getting will show her face, right?” Lucas clarified.

“Of course.” Miguel said. “Here, let me revert to the original shot.” He clicked a few buttons in Photoshop to bring back the original picture and Glory gasped when it came up. It wasn’t only Lucas’ look that was breathtaking, but hers as well!

“See why I don’t want you blurred out?” Lucas said, softly.

“Can I get a copy of that, too?” Glory asked.

“Same size?” Lucas asked Glory.

“No, I think that an 8×10 would be big enough for my place.” Glory said.

“Same mounting,” Lucas said to Miguel, “and on my bill.”

“No…you don’t have to do that.” Glory protested.

“I already did.” Lucas said and put his finger across her mouth when she started to protest again. “Don’t argue with Captain Hunter, remember?”

She smiled and kissed his finger before he pulled it away. “Let’s go and get everything packed up. Diana just got here, so we’ll be going for dinner soon.” Glory said.

It didn’t take them long to pack up. Diana came over with Kelsey, who she gladly relinquished to Lucas when he reached for her. He seemed very comfortable holding a baby and Kelsey seemed to like him, too. She was a pretty good baby, but she did tend to get fussy when she was passed to strangers, but not Lucas!

“I’m still a kid myself.” Lucas said in explanation. “Babies seem to sense that about me, I guess.” He turned back to Kelsey and started making faces at her.

Diana and Mitch helped with the final tear-down and they were soon on their way to dinner.

On the way to the restaurant, Lucas said, “If you want to drink tonight, I can be the DD and drive us back to your place.”

“Let’s see how things go.” Glory said. “I may need to keep my wits about me, but thank you. That’s really sweet of you.”

“No problem, babe.” he said, settling back for the ride. “It’s the least I could do. Today was a lot of fun.”

Glory smiled. It had been a wonderful day. That seemed to be how all of her days with Lucas went. “Always, when you’re around.” she said, quietly.

“I guess I’ll have to see about being around more often, then.” he said, squeezing her hand on the gear shift.

“That would be nice.” She was at a red light, so she looked over at him and he leaned over to give her a quick kiss. The restaurant parking lot was just past the light, so Glory pulled in next to her mom’s car and squeezed Lucas’ hand saying, “Here goes nothing…”

He smiled at her and got out of the car. Parents and babies he could usually handle.

Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 5 – Art Show Set-up

“Are we all set for Saturday?” was the first question Lucas asked when Glory picked him up at the airport on Thursday afternoon.

“We are, indeed, my dear.” Glory answered, stretching up to give him a quick kiss on the lips. She remembered too late what Lucas had said about always being recognized in airports and pulled back.

“Come on.” he said for her ears only. “Let’s get out of here so I can kiss you properly.” He put his hand on the small of her back and guided her towards the doors.

Even in the garage, they were shy to kiss in case there was someone watching, but Lucas had his hand over hers on the gear shift and the feeling of his fingers stroking hers was very erotic!

Which is why, once they had closed the door of her apartment, they fell into each other’s arms and let their lips and hands ignite the passion that had been lurking just below the surface.

A half an hour later, as they lay breathless and sated in Glory’s bed, Lucas said, “I’m just glad you don’t live any further from the airport than this.”

Glory giggled. “We might have set my car on fire.” she said in a seductive voice.

Lucas laughed. “You should still check the seats for scorch marks.” he said, jokingly. He gathered her into his arms, rhythmically stroking her back.

“So you told your family about us?” he asked.

“Just that you were coming to town this weekend and what you were doing at the art show.” Glory said, gently stroking one finger down the slope of his pec.

“I was very surprised to hear that you hadn’t told anyone about me, about our sexual relationship, about our friendship, even. Most girls can’t wait to tell everyone they know that they’ve slept with me.” Lucas said, quietly.

Glory shrugged. “It’s pretty cliché to say, but I’m not like most girls. It felt nice to have this thing with you that I didn’t have to share with anyone else. That was at first, anyway. But then, as time went on, it became harder and harder to tell people…” she said, letting her voice trail off.

“And have we kept in touch since November? What did you tell your family?” Lucas asked. If he was playing a role on Saturday, he wanted all the pieces of the character.

“I said we’d been in touch a few times…the odd text, a couple of phone calls…but that was it until this weekend.” Glory said. “I’m sorry…I shouldn’t ask you to lie. I should come clean with everyone and have done with it.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just want to make sure I don’t put my foot in it on Saturday.” Lucas said, still stroking her back.

Glory mulled this over for a few minutes, letting his soft caresses sooth her mind. “The hard part is that I’m not even sure what this is…makes it hard to tell people about you…”

“I’d call it dating…nothing serious yet, but definitely two people who are interested in each other.” Lucas offered. Glory was quiet for a long time, thinking about how best to deal with her family.

When Lucas’ stomach gave a loud and insistent grumble, Glory said, “We should get you fed. Didn’t you eat on the plane?”

“Yeah, but that was a while ago, and airplane food is usually pretty bad.” Lucas said.

So they went and pulled together dinner. They lingered a long time over the wine, laughing and chatting about everything from painting to art to music to current affairs. Afterwards, they cuddled on the couch watching some mindless TV and still talking until Glory started to yawn.

“I’m sorry, babe.” Lucas said, shaking his head. “I wasn’t thinking…I’m still on west coast time, but you must be beat!”

“I’m okay.” Glory lied, stifling another yawn.

“Come on.” he said, standing and offering her a hand up. “I could sleep and you should.”

Glory smiled up at him and took his hand, wondering how she had gotten so lucky.


Glory had taken the next day off work so that she could prepare for the show. She had the prints to pick up and they could go in and set up her booth that afternoon. Desirée had almost lost her mind when Glory told her about Lucas and his idea to raise funds for their chosen charity.

“You know Lucas Wolfe? Matt Hunter-Special Branch-super soldier, Lucas Wolfe?” she had said, in a forced whisper so as not to be overheard.

“Yes.” Glory said with a shrug, as if it was no big deal.

“And you never told me? How long have you known him?” She and Desirée were pretty close for co-workers…Glory should have told her back in November.

“We met in November…remember that girl’s night out I did with my cousin…her first night out after the baby?” Desirée nodded. “That weekend.”

“And have you seen him since? Are you guys a thing?” she wanted to know.

“No, nothing like that.” Glory lied. “Just friends, but I think he’s interested. It’s tough with him in LA and me here.”

“True. Well, that will be so cool! Did you get the prints ordered yet? We can put a table in front of your booth, maybe. We can look at the logistics on Friday when you come to set up.” Desirée said, making changes to her floor plan in her head as she spoke.

After that, Glory had spoken to Marion, her mentor. Marion had recommended her printer and Glory was able to get the prints ordered. She would have to bring the original painting in that night, Tuesday, but he seemed confident that he could have them done by Friday afternoon.

Glory was up early and she left Lucas sleeping in bed while she took care of a few jobs that she had brought home from work to finish up. She had figured that she’d at least have the morning free.

Lucas came out an hour and a half later looking for her. He was wearing just his boxers. He stood behind her at the computer, watching her as she worked. “This is what a commercial artist does?” he asked.

Glory was working on a job where she had to do revisions to a package; moving the copy around, making the image smaller, changing the colour of the warning copy…it was pretty exacting work, but it was definitely tedious and boring.

“Sometimes there’s more artistic stuff, but, yeah, for the most part it’s stuff like this. I’m almost finished if you want to wait a minute and we can grab a shower…” she said, tilting her head back so that he could kiss her.

“Sure.” he said, and wandering into the kitchen to pour himself a coffee from the pot Glory had made earlier.

Glory finished the revisions and did a quick check of her work order to make sure she hadn’t missed anything before uploading the file to the server at work and signing off.

Lucas was standing at the counter looking over the newspaper that Glory had left there. She didn’t usually read it front to back, just perused the headlines while she made coffee, so she had left it in the kitchen.

“Ready?” she asked.

‘Absolutely.” he said, following her into the bathroom.

Shower sex was always fun with Lucas! His strength made almost any position they tried easy! And holding his body against hers under the streaming water afterwards was a perfect way to start a day, Glory thought, breathing deeply of the steamy air and trying to catch her breath.

She had everything ready to make omelettes for them like last time, so in no time at all, they were sitting down to a delicious breakfast.

“So, what’s our agenda for today?” Lucas asked, sipping a glass of juice.

“Well, we have to load up my car with the paintings that I’m going to display and then make a stop at the printers to pick up the prints. By then, we should be able to get into the yacht club to start setting up.” she said, counting off on her fingers. “The prints should be ready by noon, so we can go there anytime, and Desirée said she’d be at the yacht club setting up all afternoon.”

“Cool. I brought lots of Sharpies…” Lucas said with a smile.

Glory laughed. “That takes care of your part of it, anyway! I’ve got a cash box and I picked up some change for a float from the bank. I’ve done up some posters on my computer…I’m going to load them onto a stick and see if the printer can print them on 12 by 18 stock for me.” She was still going over what she needed in her mind.

“I never realized how much would go into an art show.” Lucas said. “You let me know what you need me to do to help out.” He raised an eyebrow at her until she nodded, then he finished his coffee and said, “Are your paintings ready to go out to the car now? I could start taking them down.”

Glory took him over to the stack of paintings she had leaning against the wall. She had already wrapped them each in burlap to protect them on the drive down, so Lucas started taking them down to her car as she cleaned up the kitchen. She pulled out the cash box which had the name plates and pricing for each of the paintings in it and went to change.

The prints were ready when they arrived at the printers, and the original was wrapped in burlap ready to go as well. It took only a few minutes for them to print the posters and they were on their way.

Desirée was waiting to open the gates of the yacht club for them and met them at the car to help them move the paintings into the building. Glory hadn’t been sure what to expect from Desirée when she met Lucas, but she was so overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done before the next day that she only took a moment to shake his hand before moving on to the next crisis.

The space that had been set up for them was bigger than Glory had expected, but she used the scaffolding to hang the paintings up, and she had invested in a few spot lights to highlight her best pieces. The main one being highlighted the next day would be her Matt Hunter piece. In the end, she did have a few paintings that she didn’t put up and kept in reserve. If she sold something that was up, she would have another one to take its place.

There was a table in front and slightly to the side where Lucas could sit and sign, and Holly had agreed to come and take care of the money side of things for them. They had put the Captain Hunter original above him and the poster advertising the pricing for the personally signed prints would go there, too.

Lucas himself was enlisted to help with some of the heavy lifting that Desirée had needed done, so he wasn’t there when Holly showed up to help.

“Where is he?” was Holly’s first question.

Glory looked around and saw him outside helping to bring in cases of wine from Desirée’s truck. She pointed out the window and Holly took a long look.

“So, just friends, eh?” she said to her sister, sceptically.

Glory sighed. It was the moment of truth and she wasn’t really sure what to do.

Lucas saved the day, though. He had come in and came up behind Holly. “For now.” he said, giving Glory a tender look.

Holly’s eyes grew wide when she realized that Lucas was behind her. But she recovered quickly and turned to shake his hand.

“Nice to see you again, Lucas.” she said.

“You, too, Holly. Greg says hi.” Lucas said with a smile.

“Really?” Holly said, giving Lucas her biggest fangirl smile.

“Yeah. He said that was a fun night. He usually doesn’t get recognized, especially when he’s with me, so he’ll remember you guys for a while.”  Lucas said with a little chuckle.

“Wow!” Holly said. “Well, tell him we had fun, too.”  Then she excused herself to go and see if Desirée needed any help with anything.

Lucas watched Holly go before turning to Glory. “Still playing it cool?” he asked.

“For now, anyway.” she said, looking up at him. Suddenly, all she wanted to do was feel those wonderfully soft lips on hers. She reached up and caressed his beard, which surprised him.

She was thinking and thinking hard. She didn’t like hiding, especially with her sister. If she took flack for this relationship, then she’d rather take it now than later.

“Fuck it.” she said under her breath and pulled him down for a quick, but thorough kiss.

As Lucas pulled away, he was smiling. “Um…okay.” he said, still resting his hand on her hip.

“It’s time.” she said. “I don’t like hiding things from my sister.”

Holly had come back in just in time to see the kiss and she was shooting daggers at her sister with her eyes.

Glory sighed. “You want to go and help Desirée while I explain things to Holly?” she said, looking up adoringly into his beautiful blue eyes.

“I can stay, if you need moral support.” he said, reluctantly.

“No, better just me.” Glory said and gave him a little push towards the door. She could see that Desirée was waiting for him by the truck with a couple more cases of wine.

“Just friends, eh? That looked like more than just friends.” Holly sneered as she came up behind her sister.

“Okay, so we’re more than just friends. I went back to the hotel that night and we played cards, then we slept together, then we made love. I stayed the weekend, and it was wonderful. We’ve kept in touch and he had a stop over here in January and we spent the night together. And he is staying at my place this weekend.” Glory spoke quickly before she lost her nerve.

“So, is he your boyfriend or something?” Holly asked. “Not saying that wouldn’t be really cool.”

“No…maybe…I don’t think so. I think I’m just his Toronto girl. We haven’t talked about being exclusive or anything like that, so I’m not deluding myself that I’m his only girl.” Glory said, stumbling over her words a little bit.

“What kind of relationship can you hope to have with a guy like that? Long distance to be sure. His Toronto girl? Come on Glor…you’re better than that.” Holly said, pleadingly.

Glory thought about that for a minute. “I am.  And when I’m ready to have another serious relationship, I’m sure whatever this is won’t be enough. But after Brad, I’m ready to take a break and be really casual for a while.” she said, flicking on the spots to make sure that they all worked and starting to place them on the scaffolding, carefully aiming them.

Holly bit her lip as she looked at her sister, then outside at Lucas. “He is pretty cute.” she said, quietly.

Glory smiled and followed Holly’s eye out the window. “He’s sweet and fun to be with, too.” she said with a tender look out the window.

Holly turned back to Glory and gave her a hug. “Just be careful, eh? Don’t let him stomp on your heart or anything. And be safe.”

Glory smiled at her little sister. Why was it that she so often felt like the younger one in their relationship? “I’m always careful and safe is my middle name. Don’t worry about me.” She pulled Holly in for another hug. It was such a relief to have one person in the world to be able to talk to about Lucas!

“You coming to mom’s for dinner tonight?” Holly asked, helping Glory mount the lights on the scaffolding.

“I begged off because Lucas is here. I’m not sure I’m ready for dinner with the family, yet.” Glory said, handing Holly another light and pointing at a picture to aim it at. “Right now, you’re the only one who knows the extent of this, and I’d like to keep it that way for now. I don’t really want to have to deal with the world knowing…at least until there’s something to know.”

“Makes sense. My lips are sealed.” Holly said.

Lucas came over to help them with the higher lights. Holly seemed a little tongue-tied around him at first, but that didn’t last.

“So you’re going to sign these prints of Glory’s picture of you? I love that picture. It captures the complexity of the character.” Holly said.

“You’ve never even seen the Matt Hunter films.” Glory said from behind the scaffolding.

“I have so!” Holly said. “My boyfriend is a big fan. He’ll be thrilled to see you here tomorrow.”

Glory poked her head around the scaffolding. “Here, put this sign up.” she said to Lucas, handing him the poster for over his table. Holly held one end of the poster up while Lucas secured the other end.

Glory came out of the booth to survey the total effect.

“Mom’s not going to be happy that you’re not coming for dinner tonight, you know?” Holly said, joining her sister to survey the booth. Glory looked at her and shrugged.

“She’s always so negative about all of the guys I date. I’m just not ready to take her flack over Lucas until I’m sure there’s something to take flack over.” Glory was speaking quietly so that Lucas couldn’t hear her.

Lucas sat down under the banner to make sure it was at the right height. “Is that high enough or should I put it higher?” he asked.

“I think it’s okay.” Glory said, looking over at Holly.

“Yup, it’s perfect. You’d think you’d done this before or something.” Holly said.

Lucas came around the table to join the girls and check out their booth. “Na…everything is usually all set up for me when I do signings.” He closed his eyes as he thought about how elitist that sounded. “It’s kinda fun to help with the set up. There’s lots of wine for tomorrow. Does this turn into a drunk later?” he asked Glory with a little smile.

“There’s lots of turn over, so no one but the artists end up hanging all day…I promise, I’ll pace myself.” she said with a little laugh in her voice.

“Do I have to?” Lucas asked, jokingly. He had one arm around her back and he pulled her in close to him. He was glad that at least Holly knew that they were intimate. Being platonic with her was proving to be a little difficult.

“Hey, it’s your image. You do what you want, baby!” Glory said.

Once her booth was set up, Desirée seemed to have everything under control, so Glory and Lucas took their leave, waving to Holly in the parking lot. “See you tomorrow!” Holly said, and Glory nodded as she got into the car.

“So what do you want to do for dinner tonight?” Lucas asked. It was already 4 pm. The day had gone by way too quickly!

Glory thought for a second. She didn’t think she was ready to be seen out and about with Lucas Wolfe, so she suggested take out.

“There’s this great Chinese food place on the way back to my place. It’s tiny and a little grubby looking, but they have the best food!” she said.

“Grubby Chinese sounds perfect.” Lucas said. Glory leaned over to give him a quick kiss before putting the car in gear and heading out of the parking lot.



Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 4 – Long Distance Nightmare

1 AM. That was the time on his phone as he picked it up to see who the hell was calling him in the middle of the night. When he saw Glory’s name, though, he answered immediately.

“Hey, Glory. Is everything okay? It’s got to be 4 am there.” he said, sleepily.

“Lucas.” she said in a sobbing whisper which brought him fully awake.

“Glory, what’s wrong?” he said in a tense voice.

“I had that nightmare again. I can’t get out of it.” she whispered from across the miles.

“The same nightmare? The one with the dragons?” he asked.

“Yes.” she answered in a very small voice.

“Do you have the lights on?” he asked. He knew this is the first thing his sister did when one of her kids had a nightmare. Everything is scarier in the dark.

“Yes, they’re on, but the fear is in my head.” Glory sobbed.

Lucas sighed. What could he do for her from here? If he was there, he’d hold her and comfort her, but he wasn’t there. He shook his head in frustration.

“Tell me about the nightmare again…every detail. Let’s see if we can turn it around somehow.” Lucas said, hopefully.

There was a long silence at the other end of the phone and he thought he might have screwed this up completely.

Finally, her voice came through the phone, small and scared. “I’m in bed and it’s late. I’m almost asleep when I hear the dragon come in the room.” she said, quietly.

“Is it your bedroom?” Lucas asked. “Is it your bed?”

Glory paused for a moment. “No…it’s a camp cot. It must be at my cousin, Diana’s. Her and Holly would share her bed and they’d set up a camp cot for me.” she said, sounding a little surprised at this revelation. Continue reading “Dragons in the Dark – Chapter 4 – Long Distance Nightmare”