Left At the Airport

This story started with the posting of a picture to the Facebook group, We ♥ Chris Evans, with the caption “Okay, who forgot to pick Chris up at the airport?” What ensued was a fun and creative series of posts that inspired this story. There will be more, but for today, here is what my friends in the group inspired. Hope you enjoy it!



“Fuck.” Vikki said under her breath as she raced for her car, pulling on her jacket as she did so. Today of all days, they had to call a last-minute client meeting when she had to pick up her…what was he? Not a boyfriend; certainly not yet. Lover? She smiled to herself. He was definitely that! She shrugged quickly to herself as she slid in behind the steering wheel and started the car. She wasn’t going to be able to define their relationship right at that moment. His plane was already on the ground, and she’d be at least 45 minutes getting to the airport!

She turned the radio on with her fingers crossed. It was mid-day, so traffic shouldn’t be too bad…she hoped. But as she listened, she knew that Murphy was fucking with her. There was an accident on the M25 and they’d closed it. She’d have to reroute…meaning she was at least an hour and a half out.

“Fuck!” she said again, this time with more feeling. Chris was going to be pissed!

She’d met Chris Evans, one of her favourite actors, and the star of the Marvel Captain America movies, on a trip to visit family in Alberta, Canada! Somehow, they had both ended up having layovers in Calgary; him on his way from Vancouver to Boston and her on her way from Toronto to Lethbridge. Once she’d stopped impersonating a puddle, they had seemed to get on well. They had chatted for almost an hour about everything and nothing before Vikki’s flight was called, but before she’d left, he had asked for her number.

“I’m not in the UK often, but maybe you could come visit me in Boston?” he’d asked, hopefully, as they’d parted with a warm embrace and assurances to keep in touch.

And, over the next few months, they had kept in touch both by phone and Skype. When she’d talked to him about booking some holiday time she still had to use before the end of the year, he had invited her to spend the time with him in Boston. He was between movies and just spending some down-time at home with his dog and his family.

He picked YOU up at the airport on time, she chastised herself, trying to find a route to Heathrow that wasn’t at a standstill to try and cut some time off of her trip. Well, there was not much she could do now, she thought.

She had spent a week with him in Boston and they had had a wonderful time! It was a city that she’d always wanted to visit, never thinking that she’d even get the chance to go there – let alone have Chris Evans as her tour guide! They’d spent some time at his mom’s and Vikki had fallen in love with Lisa. She was so down to earth and sweet!

Chris loved the city where he’d grown up, and was so passionate about the history of the place. She was surprised when he’d told her that he’d got them a couple of Bruins tickets. Even though he wasn’t much of a hockey fan himself, he knew how passionate Vikki was about her Leafs (she’d teased him about the Leafs cap he sometimes wore while they were in Calgary). He was amazed that someone from the UK knew so much about a sport that he himself knew so little about and had no idea was even played outside North America!

At Chris’ condo, he had a guest room, which he had offered to her. But it had become apparent that first day that this was not going to be a platonic relationship. As Chris put down her suitcase just inside the door, he had turned to kiss her and they had spent the rest of that day in bed, finding different ways to satisfy each other. Chris’ guest room did not get used on that trip!

Vikki’s phone rang. She knew it was Chris from the smiling face that popped up on her display. As worried as she was, that picture brought a smile to her face. It had been taken on the sunset cruise of the harbour that he’d taken her on during her trip to Boston. But her smile quickly turned to a frown, as she considered not answering, but what would be the point? She was late; he was waiting. He may as well know that she was delayed.

She touched the screen to answer the call. “Hey.” she said, softly.

“Hey.” Chris answered. “Where are you? I’ve been waiting for over half an hour.”

“I’m so sorry, love. I got stuck in a meeting at work and now there’s a fucking accident on the M25. I’m hurrying as fast as I can, but I’m currently doing about 5 miles an hour.” Vikki rushed to get the words out before her nerve gave out on her. She was still a little star-struck around him!

There was an ominous silence on the other end of the phone. “How long?” he asked, tersely.

“I…um…at least another hour.” she said. “I’m so sorry, Chris.”

“An hour!” he shouted. “Vikki! I’ve been on a fucking plane for 11 hours! The least you could do is to be on time to get me.”

“I know, I know. I’m trying. I’ll be there sooner if I can find a way around, but right now everything is stopped.” Vikki was almost in tears at his anger. “How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?”

“Okay…well, I’m going to go and find a bar. I need a drink.” he said. “Text me when you get here.” and he hung up.

Vikki stared at the phone for a moment before reaching up to turn it off and tossing it in disgust onto the passenger seat. What a jerk! It wasn’t her fault that her client had called a last-minute meeting, or that there was an accident! Yes, she understood he’d been on a plane for 11 hours, but it was first-class! Not like sitting in coach for 11 hours!

Then she started to get scared. What if he met someone else in that bar? Hadn’t she met him in an airport? Maybe he wouldn’t even be there when she got there! This whole thing had always seemed too good to be true anyway.

“Fuck.” she said again, trying to think of another way to get to the airport faster.


She parked in the carpark and hurried to the terminal, texting Chris as she went. He told her that he was at the Bridge Bar and she hurried up to a security guard to ask where that was.

The bar had open windows along the sides and Vikki could see Chris sitting alone at one of the tables beside a window. He looked up when he saw her and gave her a little half-smile. She breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe a few beers had taken the edge off of his anger.

“There you are!” Chris said out the window to Vikki. “You’re…” he counted the glasses on the table in front of him. “…5 beers late.”

“Chris…” Vikki started, but he held his hand up to stop her.

“I did tell you I’d take a limo to your place, even pick you up at work, but you insisted on picking me up yourself.” he said, slurring his words just a little bit.

Vikki didn’t say anything. She was starting to be afraid that her late arrival would ruin their whole time together!

Chris got up and pulled his coat on, then reached down to drain his glass before putting it down a little too hard on the table. “Well, let’s go. If the roads are as bad as you say, we’ve still got hours before we get to your place.”

Vikki led the way out to the carpark and flipped open her boot with her remote as she slid into the driver’s seat, letting Chris finds his own way in. She saw him head for the wrong side of the car before remembering that the driver was on the right side in the UK, and quickly correcting himself.

Vikki didn’t want to discuss this or argue about it while she was trying to get them home, so she cranked up some loud classic rock. She knew that’s what he liked, and right now, she just wanted to be able to concentrate on the road.

It was over an hour later when they finally pulled up in front of her place. The traffic had cleared a little bit, but it was still pretty bad. Vikki was still smarting from Chris’ rough words at the airport, so she opened the boot and headed for the building, letting him deal with his own luggage. He caught up with her at the door and they took the stairs up to her second floor flat.

Once inside, Vikki headed into the kitchen to get some dinner started. Chris used the bathroom and then came into the kitchen looking for a beer.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” asked Vikki.

“No, I fucking don’t!” said Chris, still fuming at having been stranded in an airport bar.

“In the fridge.” Vikki sighed in resignation. Once he’d opened the beer and taken a long swig, he went to find a seat in the living-room, turning on the TV and flicking through the channels to find something to watch. He was clearly still sulking, and Vikki didn’t know him well enough yet to know what to do about it.

She worked in the kitchen for a few more minutes while she screwed up her courage to go into the living-room and talk to him.

There was a movie on the TV, but Chris seemed more intent on checking his emails and texts.

“Chris?” Vikki said, tentatively.

“Hmm?” he answered, not looking up from his phone.

“I…can we…I mean. I am really sorry about being late.” Vikki stumbled through what she was trying to say.

He looked up at her with an annoyed look for a moment before turning back to his phone. “It’ll be okay. Just need some time to unwind.” and she was dismissed.

Vikki clenched her hands by her sides. She had Chris Evans sitting on the sofa in her flat, and he wouldn’t even talk to her! She could feel tears stinging the corners of her eyes and she really didn’t want him to see her cry, so she made her way through the living-room without a word and into the bedroom. As she passed, Chris looked up and watched her go. He could see the tears starting to trickle out from underneath her lashes.

“Fuck.” he said, under his breath. He’d let his temper get the best of him again. Now he was going to ruin their weekend together.

He took a deep breath, put down his beer, and got up to follow Vikki into the bedroom. There, he found her sitting on the side of the bed with her back to him. She turned her tear-stained face to him when she heard him come in, then turned back away.

“Vikki…” Chris said, regretfully. “I’m sorry. I…” he stopped for a second to try and find the words to make this right.

“It’s not like I was late on purpose. I hate being late!” Vikki sobbed.

Chris moved around the bed and came to sit down beside her. He handed her another tissue as she tossed the balled-up, sodden one in her hand into the rubbish bin beside the bed, and placed his other hand on her back.

“I know…this isn’t a very good way to start our weekend together, is it?” Chris said, quietly.

“No, it’s not.” Vikki said, firmly. “Can we start again?” She looked up and was encouraged to no longer see anger in those expressive blue eyes.

He smiled down at her. “Thanks for picking me up at the airport.” he said. “Traffic looked like it was murder to get through today.”

“No problem, Chris. I just wish things hadn’t delayed me so much. Did you have any problems with fans at the airport while you waited?” Vikki asked, still sniffling a little bit.

“I think I gave two autographs and got shot about 5 times by fans’ phones.” he answered. “Not too bad. London is usually crawling with paparazzi!”

This is way too impersonal. Vikki thought. We’re talking about the weather and traffic while I really want to lay him down on this bed and… Her imagination was quickly filling in the rest!

So, she reached up and slowly unbuttoned two more buttons on her shirt, revealing a little bit of the lacy camisole that she was wearing underneath.

Chris smiled at her game. “What’s peeking out there?” he asked, lifting her shirt up a little bit to see what was hiding underneath.

“Just a little surprise.” Vikki said with a seductive smile.

“Ooh, I like surprises.” he said, huskily, then turned towards her to kiss her. He let his tongue play along her lips until she opened to him and took the kiss deeper. He gently pushed her back onto the bed, moving his lips down her neck. When he came up for breath, she ran her lips from his ear down his neck as well, then claimed his lips again in a smouldering kiss that left them both breathless.

Chris pulled back a little bit and deftly undid the rest of the buttons on her top, revealing a deep purple camisole, her favourite colour. He moved a hand down to unbutton her jeans as well and helped her to shimmy out of them, revealing a matching pair of panties.

“Hmmm…gift wrap. I love presents.” Chris said, running a finger over her nipple, watching it come up hard under the soft satin of the camisole.

Vikki bit her lip and watched him with fevered eyes as he caressed both of her nipples until they were straining against the material. Then he slid his hand down to her panties.

“I think you may be wearing too many clothes, Christopher.” Vikki said, breathlessly, reaching down to tug the button on his jeans open. Chris lay back on the bed and let her pull his jeans open so that he could spring free inside of his boxers. She took a moment to caress him before pulling the boxers away and dipping her head to take him into her mouth.

Chris put his head back and closed his eyes, letting the sensations that her mouth was creating take over his body. He rested a hand lightly on her shoulder as she stroked and caressed him with her mouth and hand.

He moaned deep in his throat and arched his back off the bed as he came deep in her throat.

Chris put both arms out beside him in a position of complete surrender as Vikki slid back up his body and put her head on his shoulder. It took him a minute before he was able to move his arms to put them around her. He could feel the cool, smooth satin under his hands as he caressed her.

“Now it’s you that’s wearing too many clothes.” he said, not moving. “In a few minutes, when I can move again, I’ll rectify that.”

But Vikki decided that she didn’t want to wait that long. She sat up, and grabbing the bottom of the camisole, pulled it up over her head.

“Nice.” Chris said, softly, and reached up a hand to cup one of her breasts. Vikki arched her back, pressing her breast deeper into his hand with a little moan.

“Okay,” Chris said, sitting up and pulling his t-shirt up over his head. “Your turn.” He laid her back onto the bed, and bringing his head down to her breasts, sucked and nibbled on each one until she was squirming and moaning under him.

He used his teeth to nibble his way down her belly, making her squirm for another reason! She was horribly ticklish over her belly! But she stopped squirming as he moved down between her legs. She could feel his warm breath against the insides of her thighs, and she arched her back to urge him on. His stiff beard was a counterpoint to his soft lips and the combination was enough to drive her to the edge.

And he played with her there, bringing her back, teasing her, making her want him, need him, to let her finish. When he finally decided that she’d had enough, he inserted two fingers deep inside of her, triggering an orgasm that left her shattered! She lay panting and still gripping the blankets afterwards, too sensitive to even stand his gentle breath on her thighs.

He moved up her body slowly, lying beside her while she caught her breath, then he leaned in and kissed her again; a kiss that was deep and demanding. Vikki reached into her drawer and pulled out a condom for him. He probably had some, but they would be in his luggage and she wanted him now!

He quickly and deftly slid the condom on and thrust himself slowly into her, taking a moment to settle himself. Then he leaned up and kissed her again and started to thrust towards his own orgasm, pulling out slowly, then slamming into her, leaving her gasping and moaning with each thrust. Finally, he let himself go, groaning from deep in his chest as he finished, his arms giving way with the intensity of his orgasm. He just barely caught himself before he collapsed on top of her!

He rolled off of her, using a tissue as he did so to dispose of his condom, then he lay on the bed, feeling completely boneless as she snuggled in beside him.

They lay together for a few minutes until they both became chilled and scooted under the blankets.

“Am I forgiven?” Vikki purred as she pulled the blankets closer around them.

“I guess so.” Chris said, sarcastically, and had to duck as Vikki aimed a pillow at his head. Chris chuckled, which sounded like the rumble of a train to Vikki as she laid her head back down on his chest, running her fingers softly over the words inked on his clavicle.

“Am I?” he asked, softly, stroking her hair back from her face and watching as her fingers touched the words of the quote that meant so much to him.

“Of course.” Vikki whispered with a smile. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, catching his scent.  Like I could ever stay mad at you, she thought.

He covered her hand with his. “Do you like that quote?” He seemed a little nervous as he asked.

“Very much.” she said. “I think you turned a lot of people on to Eckhart Tolle when you got this done.”

“His writings have helped me through some pretty rough times.” Chris admitted.

She hugged him a little closer to her, suddenly feeling very protective of this gentle man.

“I could sleep.” he said, softly. “I have no idea what time it is, but I’m done.”

Vikki stretched up to kiss him. “Sleep then, love.” she said, and settled in next to him, realizing that even though it was barely 6 pm, she felt like she could sleep, too.


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