A Time for Heroes – Chapter 29 – Weekend at HQ

avengersHer morning was spent fine-tuning the training program and discussing recruiting strategies. By noon she was ready to get outside and hit the road. Jess was waiting for her in her office.

“Ready to ride, boss?” she asked, playfully.

Ginny smiled and said, “Just gotta pack up my office.”

She grabbed the real estate packages and her tablet along with the budget package Angela had given her the night before and packed them into her briefcase. She made sure she had her purse and her phone and she was good to go.

As they rode the elevator down to the parking garage. Jess filled her in on their afternoon.

“I’ve got the properties set into my GPS.” she said. “If we keep our phone lines open, we can chat while we drive.

“Food?” Ginny asked.

“First stop.” Jess said with a smile.

“Nice.” Ginny said as she unlocked her Civic a few cars down.

Once inside, Ginny set her phone on hands free and got Jess on the line. She let Jess lead out and she followed.

The burgers and fries were almost too greasy! But they were so delicious, Ginny didn’t mind how messy they were.

The first property was a bust. It wasn’t big enough to accommodate her gym because the space was divided.

The second one was promising. It was bright and clean and in a good location. They’d have to do some research on the town to make sure this would be a welcome program, though. The town seemed to be a bit of a hick town from the attitudes that they saw at the gas station they stopped at.

The third spot was in one of the bigger cities, which Ginny preferred, and was clean and spacious and on a bus route! Ginny was sold almost right away. And it was the closest one to Steve.

Jess took lots of notes on all three properties and would follow up on questions the next week.

“What do you say?” Ginny asked. “It’s 3:30 – let’s go meet some Avengers.”

Jess could hardly contain herself. Ginny felt the same, although for a different reason.

They pulled into the parking right at 4 and headed up the front steps. They had left their luggage behind; that could be picked up later. Neither one of them wanted to drag it around as they toured the facility.

But instead of Steve waiting for them, Maria Hill greeted them as they walked up the stairs. Steve had run late in the arena so he had asked Maria to meet them and bring them in.

“Who’s he sparring with?” Ginny asked.

“Thor showed up unexpectedly and JP wanted them to square off.” Maria answered, leading the way to the arena.

Ginny turned to Jess. “Looks like you get to meet Thor after all.” she said.

Jess just gave her a nervous, excited smile and fell in beside her.

When they got to the observation area, they found that Steve and Thor weren’t sparring but working together against Bucky and Nat, to Ginny’s great relief.

Ginny hadn’t seen the two of them work together before, and once again, she was in awe. They were both incredibly strong, but Steve was more fluid, more graceful, when he moved, or maybe Ginny was just biased.

They watched for 20 minutes before JP called a stop. Steve looked up and saw Ginny and Jess in the booth and waved them down.

The four heroes were still talking with their trainer when Ginny and Jess joined the group.

Steve put his arm around Ginny as she came up beside him and gave her a quick kiss. Then he extended his hand to Jess.

“You must be Jessica.” he said, shaking her hand. “I’ve heard so much about you. Thanks for taking such good care of my girl.”

Jess was true to her word and was cool and composed. “The pleasure is mine, Captain Rogers. Ginny is easy to work for. I could tell you some horror stories of some of my other bosses!” she said. Steve laughed at this and introduced her to the rest of the team.

Bucky was his usual, gallant self and raised Jess’ hand to his lips, saying, “Enchanté.”

Nat took Jess’ hand next and said, “Don’t pay any attention to him. He’s just a big flirt.” she said. “It’s so nice to meet you.”

Thor also raised her hand to his lips and held her eyes for a long moment. JP, not to be outdone, greeted Jess the same.

Steve was laughing and shaking his head at his friends. “Am I the only one who knows how to behave around women?” he asked.

“That’s pretty new, Rogers.” JP said. “I wouldn’t brag too much.”

Steve turned to Ginny and said, “You didn’t bring your bags in?” When she shook her head, he said, “Let’s go get them and I can show you your quarters, Jess, and then give you both the grand tour. I need to get out of this sweaty uniform.”

Jess’ room was right across the hall from Steve’s. “It was meant for the commander’s PA,” Steve explained, “but since I’ve never had one, it’s always been empty.”

Ginny turned with Steve towards his quarters and said to Jess, “Give us 5 minutes.” before disappearing through the door behind him.

Once inside, Steve pulled Ginny into his arms for a proper kiss, filled with all of the longing and loneliness of the last three days.

“I don’t know if I can wait ‘til tonight.” he said against her lips.

“Anticipation, baby.” she whispered back. “Go get changed while I plan how I’m going to make you beg.”

“It may be you begging.” Steve said, pulling back and looking deeply into her eyes.

He brought his hand up and brushed her cheek with his thumb. Then he smiled and said, “No, it’ll definitely be me begging.”

Ginny laughed and turned him towards the bedroom.

His quarters were spacious with a large sitting area, dining room and separate bedroom. No cooking facilities, though, Ginny was disappointed to see. She still wanted him to cook her breakfast.

Steve returned a few minutes later in jeans and a sweater and they went out in the hall to meet Jess, who was standing and talking with Bucky.

Steve and Ginny joined them and while Steve engaged Jess in conversation, Ginny turned to Bucky and asked under her breath, “What happened to Jasmine?”

“Didn’t work out.” he answered just as quietly.

Bucky offered Jess his arm as they toured the facility. It was huge! There were several arenas as well as outdoor training facilities, a couple of tracks, a huge gym and a canteen and public area that was nicely designed for relaxing with lots of small seating areas as well as tables for eating.

This is where they finished.

“The team is getting together at 6 for dinner. For you,” Steve looked adoringly down at Ginny, “and Tony, who doesn’t spend a lot of time here either.”

Bucky had his arm draped across the back of the couch behind Jess and she hadn’t stopped smiling since they arrived.

The view out the wall of windows was spectacular! Flat farm land with the Appalachian Mountains in the background. They were facing north so they could see the sunset turning the sky to fire in the west.

There was nothing to say as the four of them watched the majestic vista in front of them.

Steve had his arm around Ginny and her head was on his shoulder. With his free hand, he held her hand, stroking it with his thumb.

Jess had succumbed to Bucky’s charms enough to put her head on his shoulder. Bucky was looking down at her in wonder.

“Dinner in the conference room.” Steve said as the sky was fading from flaming oranges and reds to a deeper purple. “Don’t want to be late.” He looked down at Ginny.

She put her arm across his chest and her leg over his and said, “Who says?”

He laughed and pushed her legs off gently and standing up, offered her his hand.

Ginny took his hand and bounced up saying, “Come on, Jess. Time to meet the team.”

They were the first to arrive but were followed shortly afterwards by Tony and Nat, who both greeted Ginny with hugs.

Nat asked if she’d have time for some sparring while she was there.

“Or is this big lug going to monopolize all your time.” she said, tilting her head towards Steve.

“I’m sure he can spare me for an hour. But it’ll have to be Sunday because we have out little guest coming tomorrow.”

With that, the talk turned to Diego’s visit the next day. He’d be spending most of the day with Steve and Ginny, but they asked Bucky to help them out, too. The rest would wander in through the day to sign autographs or chat. Everyone was up for it. Thor even delayed his departure until the afternoon so he could meet Amanda and Diego.

Dinner was served and the talk turned general. Tony was very interested in how things were going with the child amp program, so Ginny filled him in, drawing Jess into the conversation for names she didn’t know yet, or background. Jess had worked for the foundation for several years, so she was much more familiar with how things worked than Ginny was at this point.

By the end of dinner, Jess seemed much more comfortable with the team and less star-struck than Ginny had been!

When Bucky asked Ginny if it was okay if he stole her PA away for a bit, Jess was more than happy to go with him.

“Wow! Bucky moves fast, eh?” Ginny said to Steve.

“Always did.” Steve said, looking after Bucky and Jess. Then he looked back at Ginny. “This isn’t going to cause problems for you, is it?”

“Nope. She can date who she wants.” Ginny said. “It does mean that we don’t have to entertain tonight.” Steve’s hand was resting on the table. Ginny reached out and took it into hers and stroked it gently with her thumb.

She looked up and saw the lust starting to grow in his eyes. She smiled and mouthed, “Anticipation.”

“It’s overrated.” he whispered back.

Once Bucky and Jess had gone, people started breaking up into smaller groups and a few others left.

Tony had been talking to Nat and turned to Steve and quietly said, “What are you two lovebirds still doing here? Go!”

Steve looked at Ginny and she shrugged and they took their leave.

It was too early for bed, even though they had no plans to sleep for a while, so Steve took her to see some of the more spectacular views that the training centre offered.

The best view was from the roof, though, where Tony had had another glassed-in track installed.

“Just like at Casa Stark.” Steve said. “Just not so high up.”

Ginny’s reaction was the same as the first time he’d taken her up at Stark’s. She stood and twisted around, trying to see everything.

“I think this is even better than at Stark Tower, ‘cause there’s no light pollution!” Ginny said.

“You know, it was on the roof that I decided to let my guard down and let you in.” she said.

“I know…friends.” Steve said.

She smiled at that. “Even then, I knew we would be more.”

He turned her to face him. “I’m so glad you let me in.” he said and kissed her softly.

“You know, it was close.” she said, taking his hand and leading him to the grassy area in the centre of the track. “If I had truly thought that you and Bucky were competing for me, I would have been gone.”

“Bucky told me later that he had only been hitting on me to push you to make a move.” she said. “But sometimes I catch him looking at me in an unguarded moment and I wonder.”

“Well, if Bucky had truly been competing with me, he would probably have won.” Steve said, flopping down on his back on the grass. “He’s much better at this than I am.”

Ginny snuggled in beside him and asked, “Do you still think that? I think you could really sweep a girl off her feet now.”

“I already have.” Steve said with a smile. “I guess shy and awkward is in.”

She smiled at this but didn’t say anything. It was enough for a while just to be able to hold each other again.

“What time will Diego and Amanda be here in the morning?” Steve asked.

“Ten o’clock. Didn’t want the day to start too early.” Ginny answered. They still had catching up to do.

“I figure I’ll run him through my assessment and I can give Amanda some things to work on with him, then some dancing and maybe get him into the arena to learn some flips and kicks and such.”

“Sounds great!” Steve said. “And it looks like we’ll have lots of company.”

“Should be full of a lots of good memories for him.” Ginny said. “It’s too bad the rest of my kids won’t be here.”

“Next time.” Steve said. “Let’s see who Diego is on his own first.”

Steve ran his hand up Ginny’s side and cupped her breast.

“I’ve had enough anticipation. Let’s go to bed.” he said and sought her mouth out for a deep, passionate kiss.

Ginny ran her hand slowly down his chest and stomach, but he stopped her before she could go any further.

He brought her hand up to his mouth and sucked one finger, licking the end inside his mouth.

Ginny moaned as the sensation went straight to her groin.

“You’re right.” she said, getting up. “Anticipation’s overrated.” She offered him a hand up and they walked quickly arm in arm back to his quarters.


An hour later, they lay together, sated and drowsy, talking quietly together in their little cocoon.

“We really need to find a way to be together through the week.” Steve said.

“You know,” Ginny said, “most couples can go a couple of days without having sex.”

“It’s not just the sex.” Steve said, stroking her back. “It’s having you here to hold, to turn to at night when I have a nightmare, someone to talk through my day with, I even miss working out with you.”

“We’ve been talking every night on the phone.” Ginny said.

“It’s just not the same. You know that.” Steve said.

“We could try Skyping…it is nicer if we can see each other.” she offered.

“Not the same.” Steve said, settling himself to a little more comfortable position and closing his eyes.

“I may be spending part of my week up here if we get the property up here.” Ginny said. “Be patient, babe. We’ll find a place for ourselves.”

“I used to be a much more patient man before I met you.” Steve said. “JP’s right. You’re a bad influence on me.”

Ginny was quiet for a minute. “I could leave.” she said.

Steve pulled her a little closer. “Don’t you dare.” he growled.

Ginny laughed at his intensity. “I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got it bad, too, remember? I hardly slept at all on Wednesday night.”

“We’ll sleep well tonight, I think,” Steve said, “and if you wake up, I’m here for you.”

“Same, sweetie.” Ginny said, settling in to be more comfortable so she could sleep.

“Sleep well, love.” Steve said, pressing his lips to her hair.

“You, too, babe.” she said, as she closed her eyes.


Next morning, Steve and Ginny were up and had breakfast well before Diego and Amanda arrived. Ginny spent about half an hour with Jess before Jess headed back to the city. Bucky was there to see her off. I guess that went well last night, Ginny thought as Bucky and Jess shared a kiss.

Steve hadn’t been sure if he should suit up or just wear sweats, but Ginny thought Diego would love to see him suited up.

And so, when Amanda arrived with Diego, they were met by Ginny and Captain America.

Diego clung to his mother’s legs as she talked to Ginny and Steve. But when Steve offered Diego his shield, that broke the ice. Steve showed him how to put his arm through the straps and gave a couple of punches against the shield, which made Diego break into uncontrolled giggles.

Steve would have to ask Tony if there was still some merch around. He knew there was a kid’s shield, but he might have to send someone out for one.

Ginny watched Diego move and saw that he was very stiff and limped on his prosthetic. Steve saw it, too and frowned at Ginny.

After a few minutes, Steve reclaimed his shield and scooped Diego onto his shoulders. Ginny reminded him to watch the doors…didn’t want to take Diego’s head off!

In the gym, Ginny took a look at Diego’s leg. It was an older model, from even before her dad’s accident.

“Where did you get this leg, Amanda?” Ginny asked.

“There’s another boy in our neighbourhood who’s an amputee…” Her voice trailed off.

“Was it refitted for his stump?” Ginny asked.

“We took it to an orthopedist and he redid the cradle, but I don’t think he did a very good job.” Amanda admitted. “But we really couldn’t afford a new leg.”

With the straps and belt that held this leg on, they had to strip Diego to his underpants to get it off.

But once he was free of the contraption, Diego was more mobile than with it on. He hopped around and crawled or scooted where he couldn’t hop.

He and Steve explored the universal machine, while Ginny made a call to Joseph.

“I know it’s Saturday, Joseph, but this little guy is really in need. If we could get molds and measurements done today, maybe we could get him into a decent prosthetic in a couple of weeks?” she said, hopefully.

“I have a few decent spares around that might serve,” Joseph said, “and a drive in the country sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday.”

“If you want to spend the night, we can get a room assigned for you.” Ginny said, suddenly hoping she wasn’t overstepping her authority here.

“No, if I head back, I can get a start on the leg and might have it for him next week.” Joseph said.

“You are my hero, Joseph! Thank you so much.” Ginny said. “Text me when you get here and I’ll come to the front and get you.”

That done, Ginny spent the next half hour watching Diego play and talking to Amanda about his challenges and his psychological state.

He seemed to be in a good place psychologically, but Amanda told her that he wasn’t always like that. There were dark times and nightmares and there were days when he seemed paralyzed by fear and wouldn’t even get out of bed.

Diego had tired himself out and Steve carried him over to where Amanda and Ginny were sitting, but when he tried to transfer Diego to his mother, Diego clung to Steve and whined, “No!”

So Steve sat down with Diego in his lap and his arms around him as Diego popped his thumb in his mouth and relaxed in Steve’s arms.

“I’ve never been able to break him of that habit,” Amanda said, referring to his thumb-sucking, “and now doesn’t seem to be the time.”

Ginny was only listening to Amanda with half an ear, though. Seeing Steve hold that solid little body in his lap broke her heart. They would definitely have to think about adopting.

Steve caught her look and shook his head ever so slightly, as if to say, Don’t worry about it. But the awe on his face when he looked down at Diego told her this could be an issue.

“Hey, Diego.” Ginny said. “Are you too tired to go watch some superheroes fight?”

Bucky had texted her that he was ready for Steve in the arena.

“Who? Who?” Diego sounded like an owl on speed. Ginny and Amanda laughed.

“How about Captain America and the Winter Soldier?” Steve said.

Diego looked concerned at this.

“But he’s  your friend.” he said.

“This is just sparring, little buddy. We won’t hurt each other…much. It’s how we stay in shape to fight the bad guys.”

After getting Diego’s prosthetic back on, Steve hoisted him back up onto his shoulders again and they headed for the arena.

Bucky was waiting for them in the arena and introductions were made. Diego was very interested in Bucky’s arm, so Bucky took it off to show him, but he was more interested in Bucky’s stump.

“You’re like me.” Diego said after examining the stump carefully.

“So is your buddy, Captain America.” Bucky said.

Diego wanted to see, but Steve put him off. “Let’s fight first. I’ll get rid of the uniform after lunch and I can show you then.”

Ginny took Amanda and Diego to the viewing gallery and Diego stood leaning against the glass so he could see better.

Steve and Bucky worked well together. They even got some shooting in.

After about half an hour, Tony showed up in his full suit and they switched it off to two on one. Luckily, Tony’s projectiles were non-lethal because both Steve and Bucky took a few. There would definitely be bruises!

Diego was beside himself wanting to go down and meet Iron Man, so as soon as the guys were finished, Ginny took Amanda and Diego down.

Tony talked to Diego for a few minutes before going to the storage cabinet and pulling out a kid sized shield.

“Let’s see what you can do with this, kid.” Tony said, and Steve gave him some pointers on blocking shots before letting Tony fire some soft rubber projectiles at him.

Even with the horrible prosthetic, Diego had pretty good technique and blocked most of what Tony was throwing at him. The grin on his face as he did it was priceless.

Amanda had tears in her eyes as she watched Diego play with the big boys. Ginny handed her a couple of tissues.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this happy.” Amanda said. “He’s had a rough life with his dad being killed in Afghanistan and then the accident.”

Steve and Bucky were close by and Steve said, “I didn’t realize your husband had been a soldier. Surely, there’s some help for you through the VA.”

“You’d think.” she said. “But I keep hitting brick walls no matter who I talk to.”

“Well, no brick walls here.” Ginny said. “The foundation will pay for Diego’s prosthetic and once we have a centre up near you guys, we’ll get Diego started in the child amp program, In the meantime, you’ve made some good friends here who are willing to help.”

Amanda had nothing to say. She’d been trying to go it alone for so long, she was overwhelmed by this offer of help.

Tony started shooting at Steve and Bucky saying, “Hey, why am I doing all the work here?”

So Steve got in there and showed Diego how to use the shield to roll and come up ready to block and a couple other signature moves and Diego was a natural.

“You’ve got quite an athlete, there, Mrs. Perez.” Bucky said. “Even with that clunky leg, he’s very graceful.”

Ginny looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was already 1 pm.

“Anybody hungry?” she called out. They were just eating in the canteen so there was no rush, but Amanda had said Diego hadn’t eaten much breakfast because he was so excited.

They had just sat down with their lunch when Ginny got the text from Joseph that he had just pulled in, so she excused herself to go and get him.

Joseph had eaten on the road, so Ginny took him to the gym to set up and returned to her guests.

Diego was full of questions for all of the Avengers. Tony had left his suit by the door and was just going to take Diego over for a closer look when Ginny returned.

“This is so great of you guys to do.” Amanda said. “That poster you signed is right over his bed and he’s the pride of the neighbourhood!”

Steve smiled at her. “Like you said, he’s had a rough start in life. If we can make it easier going forward…well, I guess that makes us heroes.”

“Sappy, Rogers.” Bucky said, punching Steve in the arm. Steve grabbed his arm and pretended that it hurt, which made Bucky and Diego laugh.

Ginny laughed and said to Amanda, “Don’t let them fool you. They’re just big kids themselves, and they love a chance to play.”

Steve gave her a wounded look and she reached over and stroked his cheek.

“Joseph is here,” she said to Amanda, “and he’s setting up in the gym, so whenever Diego is ready we can go back down.”

“He’s got your combat leg, too, Steve, so maybe go and change?” She really wasn’t sure of protocols at HQ. Was he supposed to be in uniform while he was on duty?

“Yeah, I’ll change into work-out gear and Diego and I can hit the machines.” Steve said with a smile. “I’ll go now and meet you in the gym.” He got up and leaned down to kiss her before gathering trays from the table to take away.

When Diego saw Steve leaving, he was ready to follow and Tony had a bit of a challenge getting him back to the table. In the end, he just picked him up under one of his arms, squirming and loudly protesting, and carried him over.

“Steve’s just gone to change. He’s going to meet us in the gym.” Amanda told a tearful Diego, which led to him dragging on his mother’s arm until they all got up and went to the gym.

Joseph was ready and waiting and took Diego in hand with a lollipop, just like Claude would have.

First thing he did was show Diego Steve’s combat leg. He showed him all of the special features and even let him put his tiny stump in the cradle.

Steve came in right then and said, “Maybe someday, kid.”

Diego watched with huge eyes as Steve sat down and took his leg off to put on his combat prosthetic. He was wearing shorts to make things easier.

Then he tried it out on the universal while Diego watched. Then it was Diego’s turn. Joseph had brought a couple of their spares to see if one could be made to fit. He took a mold of Diego’s stump so he could work on his new leg and then took his measurements. Joseph would have to go back to the shop to make a new cradle, but he would be able to use one of the spares for Diego and have it ready for him by the next weekend. He could keep that as a spare once his final prosthetic was ready.

Joseph showed Amanda and Diego what Diego’s leg would be like…very much like Steve’s. Diego was thrilled and Ginny could almost hear him now bragging to his friends that he was getting a leg just like Captain America’s!

But, too soon, it was time for Amanda and Diego to take their leave. Diego had his shield which was signed by Steve and Tony and Bucky and the rest of the Avenger’s team, and a promise of another visit the next weekend with a new leg. Lots of hugs and a few tears later, Amanda was driving away.

Joseph was heading back, too, so Steve and Ginny helped him get his gear to his car.

“Thanks for stepping up, Joe.” Steve said, shaking Joseph’s hand and clapping him on the back. “That leg he had is from my era.”

“No problem, Steve. I tried to tighten it up and adjust it for him, and I think it fits a little better, but, yeah, pretty old tech.” Joseph said. “He deserves better.”

Steve nodded and stepped back to let Ginny give Joseph a big hug before he got into his car and left Steve and Ginny together alone in the parking lot.

Steve put his arm around Ginny but didn’t say anything.

Ginny put both arms around Steve’s waist and said, “Interesting day, eh?”

“Lots of fun.” he said, smiling. “Diego’s quite a character.”

Ginny just smiled and hugged him tighter.

“And don’t look at me like that just because I have a kid in my lap.” Steve said, teasingly.

“Well, then don’t look like it’s the best feeling in the world and I won’t.” she shot back.

Ginny looked up into his cool, blue gaze. Steve smiled and looked away, pulling her closer with both arms.

“Let’s work on us first, then we can see what we can do about kids.” he said, turning her towards the front entrance.

“There’s always adoption.” Ginny offered as they walked.

“We can keep that in mind when the time comes.” Steve said. “But right now, there’s a little blue teddy I’d like to see again.”

“Steve, it’s only 3 in the afternoon!” Ginny said.

“I know I’m new to this, but I don’t think there’s any law against afternoon sex.” Steve said as they walked towards his…their quarters.

“A nooner, commander…how very cosmopolitan of you.” Ginny affected a snooty accent, which made Steve chuckle.

Steve held the door to his quarters open and let her go in ahead of him. He had ordered up dinner for 6 pm, so they had some time to get some use out of that baby blue teddy before then.


“I’m not sure why you wanted me to put it on.” Ginny said, referring to the teddy. They were sitting at the dining room table and Ginny was nibbling on a piece of bread. “I don’t even think I got to wear it for 5 minutes.”

“It’s like a present.” Steve answered. “Half the fun is unwrapping it.”

Ginny laughed huskily at this.

Dinner was a delicious meal of pork medallions in a mushroom sauce with mashed potatoes with a nice fruity, buttery Chard. They talked about everything and nothing as they ate.

Dessert was a hot fudgy concoction with a bowl of whipped cream on the side to go with it.

Ginny dipped her finger into the whipped cream and licked it off delicately with her tongue.

Seeing the heat in Steve’s eyes as he watched, she said, “I have an idea.”

She was only wearing panties and a shirt, which she quickly discarded. And she told Steve to lose the shorts he was wearing.

Ginny’s little display with the whipped cream had gotten the ball rolling and her stripping had made him fully erect.

The dining room chairs weren’t very wide, but Ginny found enough room for her knees as she straddled Steve’s lap and slid down the length of his erection. Steve sighed with pleasure as she adjusted herself into a comfortable position.

“Now, let’s put this whipped cream to some good use.” she said, taking some on her finger and slowly licking it off again.

Watching that little pink tongue moving against her finger was sending delicious chills straight to Steve’s groin. She looked so hot and he was starting to wish it was his cock covered in whipped cream.

Then she took another dollop of whipped cream on her finger and said, “Your turn.” and put it up to his mouth.

He took her whole finger into his mouth and licked and sucked it until he couldn’t taste anything but Ginny.

Ginny’s eyes were half closed as she squirmed in his lap.

Steve took some on his finger and offered it to Ginny and almost wished he hadn’t! It was his turn to squirm as she pulled his finger deep into her mouth letting him pull it out ever so slowly as her tongue darted around it sending jolts of pleasure down through his gut to his cock.

Steve was more than ready to finish this, but Ginny had one more use for the whipped cream. She took a generous dollop and spread it over one nipple, jumping as she did and saying, “Cold!”

Steve lowered his head to lick the delicious cream off and had to hold onto Ginny as she bucked and moaned at the sensation of his hot tongue on her cold nipple. When he was done, he covered the other nipple with whipped cream before doing the same thing there.

By this time, they were both incoherent with need and Steve covered her lips with his and he started to thrust into her. She started to come almost immediately, holding on tight and crying out as Steve felt her clenching around him. A few more thrusts and he emptied himself into her. Afterwards, he held her tightly to keep her from moving on his hypersensitive cock.

It took them a few minutes to get their breath back, then Steve said, “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a bowl of whipped cream again without getting hard.” He smiled before kissing her deeply again.

They stayed like this for a little while longer, then Ginny grabbed a few dinner napkins for clean-up. Not as soft as tissues, but just as effective. Then she excused herself to the washroom.

When she came back, she saw that Steve had served out the gooey chocolate dessert with the rest of the whipped cream.

As she sat down, he took a spoonful of whipped cream and slowly and suggestively licked it off the spoon.

“Mmmm…” he said, “tastes better off of you.”

Ginny smiled, seductively. “Prepping for round two?” she asked.

“I thought that was round two.” Steve said, spooning up some chocolate with the whipped cream.

Ginny spooned up some chocolate and whipped cream and closed her eyes, savouring the deliciousness.

“So it was.” she answered, finally.

“And very unexpected.” Steve said. “Where did you even get that idea?”

“Oh, I think it was in a book I read once.” she said, offhand.

“I have to start reading some of your books!” he said, with feeling.

Ginny laughed at this. There were actually a couple she’d like him to read. Then again, he seemed pretty inventive on his own, so the books could probably wait.


Sated and full for now, they snuggled on the couch under a blanket listening to the soft music Steve had turned on before dinner. They talked about their week in  more detail, about the world economy and politics and baseball and anything else that popped into their heads.

They fell silent for a few minutes and Steve realized that Ginny had fallen asleep. So he slid down a little bit, careful not to wake her, pulled the blanket a little more closely around them, and closed his eyes. This was one of his favourite things. Ginny’s ear next to his heart and his arms around her. He gently pressed his lips to her hair before letting the soft music lull him to sleep.

Sometime during the night, they woke, both sore and chilled and moved to the bed.


In the morning, Ginny opened her eyes to see Steve watching her as she slept.

She stretched and settled back facing him and asked, “How long have you been awake?” She rubbed sleep out of one eye.

“Not long.” he said. “Just trying to memorize your sleeping face for when you’re not here. You’re beautiful in the morning, all tousled and sleepy.” He reached over to stroke her cheek with a finger.

She smiled and shook her head. “I think you’re going blind in your old age, Rogers.” she said. “You, on the other hand, look best with your hair all messy like this. I’m tempted to steal your combs.” She reached up and tousled his hair, making it a little bit messier.

Then she popped out of bed to go to the washroom.

When she got back she said, “Mouthwash makes morning sex so much nicer.” Then she poked him until he got up, too.

When Steve crawled back in bed after standing his crutches by the wall, they snuggled together for warmth, kissing and touching in their little blanket cocoon.

Then Ginny pushed Steve onto his back so she could straddle his waist. She didn’t let him penetrate her yet.

“I figured if you wanted to memorize me, I’d give you a good view.” she said, leaning forward to kiss him deeply. When she sat back, she guided his cock to where she could sink down his length with a groan of pleasure.

Steve held her beautiful bum with his hands and raised her up a few times before letting her settle with him very deep inside her.

“Oh, god!” she said, running her hands up her sides and cupping her breasts. “Is there any better way to wake up?”

Steve reached up and took over on her breasts and she put her hands on his chest to support herself.

“Not that I’ve found.” he said sitting up so he could kiss her and pulling her back down so he could suck on each nipple. He could feel her starting to contract around him as he sucked, so he started to thrust, but without his prosthetic, he couldn’t get a good enough purchase with his stump to do a good job. So he flipped Ginny on to her back so he could do the job right.

Ginny pushed on his chest. “Push up.” she whispered. “It’s a better angle.”

So he extended his arms and found she was right. He could stroke deeper and she felt tighter. And he could see her face as her orgasm built. It was almost too much, so he slowed down to enjoy the view a little bit.

Sharp fingernails dug into his back telling him that slow was not what was required at that point. So he pulled out slowly and slammed deep into her and was rewarded with an immediate tightening around his cock. He did it one more time and that almost finished him, too. Ginny’s legs were pulled tight against his hips as he managed the last few strokes to his own orgasm.

He let his head fall to the pillow beside her head, resting his weight on his elbows. Ginny was absently stroking his back, trying to take away the sting from the scratches she knew she’d left.

Steve propped his head on one elbow looking down at her and said, “You’re just a little wildcat when I don’t give you what you want.”

“Sometimes.” she whispered, arching up to kiss him.

“Maybe it’s a good thing we’ll be apart next week.” she said, and Steve kissed her again.

“Why is that?” he asked, and covered her lips with his again.

She wrinkled her nose and said, “My period is due and that would mean either no sex or messy sex. Plus I can be a little difficult to get along with when I’m all cramped up and bleeding.”

“Well, that doesn’t sound very pleasant.” Steve said as he brought his hand up to brush blue-green strands of hair off of her face. “I guess this is something else I need to learn about.”

Ginny kissed the tip of his nose. “You don’t have to worry about it this month, anyway. You’ll be far away and safe.” she said with a wicked smile.

“Your concern for my safety is touching.” Steve said, sarcastically, kissing her quickly and reaching for the tissue box.

Once they had wiped up, Steve put his arm around Ginny and pulled her close into his side.

“So tell me, is it really that bad?” he asked.

“I don’t get it as bad as others I know,” she said, “but I do usually bleed pretty heavily and cramp up. It’s not fun. But it only lasts a couple of days, so I guess I’m lucky.”

“Can you even have sex then?” Steve asked.

“I can, but it’s messy. And the cramps really don’t put me in a great place for sex.“ she said.

“So a couple of days once a month?” he asked.

“That’s it.” Ginny said.

“Sounds manageable.” he said.

“I hope you still think so after you’ve been with me through one.” Ginny said, pulling a face. Steve laughed.

“Well, I get a bye this month. Still going to miss you like crazy, though.” he said, caressing her back.

“Are you hungry?” he asked after a few minutes.

“Do we have to get out of bed?” Ginny asked, sleepily.

“If we want to eat… probably.” Steve answered, kissing her hair and stroking it back from her face.

“Then, no, not hungry…for food, anyway.”

“Insatiable.” Steve whispered and rolled up on one elbow and kissed her deeply.


They made it to the canteen in time for lunch, but barely.

They sat through lunch holding hands across the table and talking about nothing in particular.

“What time do you want to head home?” Steve asked, not really wanting to think about her leaving.

“After supper should be fine.” she said. “Still too soon.” she whispered.

“What would you like to do this afternoon, then?” Steve asked. “I wasn’t sure what time you’d want to go back.”

“Nat wanted to spar.” Ginny said.

“That would be fun to watch.” Steve said.

Ginny texted Nat and got an answer back quickly.


Bring it on Geneviève. Meet me in arena 3.


“’Kay, let’s go.” Ginny said.

Steve grabbed their trays and they headed for the arena.

Ginny hadn’t sparred with anyone since they got back from the mission, so it took her a few minutes to get her footing against Nat. But once she did, she was a force to be reckoned with.

When they stopped, Steve stepped up to give Ginny tips on her technique, honing her skills. He watched her style as though he was still her commander.

They sparred for two hours before Ginny called it. She hugged Nat tightly and said, “Gods, I’ve missed this! Thanks for the work out, Nat.”

“The pleasure was mine. Your punches still sting like hell.” Nat said.

Nat left Ginny and Steve to go for a shower.

“How about you?” Steve asked. “Need a shower?”

Ginny ran a finger down his chest suggestively and said, “How about a bath? Your Jacuzzi is about the same size as the one at the hotel.”

Steve raised one eyebrow and said, “I’ll order dinner up.” He took her hand and led the way back to his quarters.


The afternoon passed quickly between the Jacuzzi and the bed. Dinner came up at 5 and they ate quietly, touching often.

At 6:30, Steve walked Ginny out to her car, carrying her duffle bag, which he deposited into her backseat.

They stood for a long time, holding hands and talking until Ginny said, “We’ll still be here in the morning if one of us doesn’t make a move.”

She put her arms around him and kissed him long and soulfully.

“What time are you coming in on Thursday? Are you coming Wednesday night?” Ginny asked, hopefully.

“Sorry.” Steve said, sadly. “Tony’s going to fly me in on the chopper and back again. Just a quick trip.”

She pulled a pouty face at him, so he kissed her to get rid of the pout.

Then he stepped back and opened her door.

“I’ll see you Thursday morning, but let me know you got home safe.” Steve said.

Ginny tiptoed to kiss him sweetly on the lips once more before getting into the driver’s seat and closing the door. Once she started the car, she opened the window and said, “I love you, sweetie.”

Steve took the hand she had rested on the door and squeezed it saying, “I love you, too. Drive safe.”

She smiled and said, “I always do.” before putting the car into gear and driving off with a wave out the window.

Steve stood for a minute watching her car disappear down the road. When he turned, Natasha was there.

“You’ve got it bad, Rogers.” she said, teasing him.

He sighed and said, “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“Fury wants to see you.” she told him.

Steve nodded and with one more glance down the road, he followed Nat inside.


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