Avengers Assemble! in the pool.

This is just a little bit of fun using prompts from “The Avenging Trio: Chris Evans, Anthony Mackey and Sebastian Stan” Facebook group related to this picture:


He dropped his flak jacket on the floor and then his t-shirt. Having spent the last 50 years either in Siberia or on ice, the heat of summer in Upstate New York was still taking its toll. He flexed his prosthetic arm, wishing it wasn’t permanently affixed to him. It would be so nice to be able to take it off sometimes, to not have to be ‘The Winter Soldier’ every waking hour. He flexed his fingers, then slid his pants off to join the rest of his clothing.

He was hot and sticky, and even in the cool of his air-conditioned room, he couldn’t get comfortable. Steve had run them ragged that day; something he was going to make his friend pay for! His eyes were drawn to the window where he could see the clear, cool water of the newly installed pool below. He could take a shower, or… Within a few minutes he was in his swim trunks and headed down to the pool.

After the work-out Steve had given them that afternoon, he really didn’t want to swim, just to be wet and to relax in the water.

The pool house held an assortment of rubber and foam floating devices, but one in particular caught his eye. “A pink flamingo?” he said, under his breath. “Who the hell bought a pink flamingo?” But it tickled his fancy, so he tucked it under his arm and headed out onto the deck.

After tossing the flamingo into the water, he dove in flawlessly and took a couple of laps to cool off. Then he rolled himself onto the floating flamingo and closed his eyes, letting the sun dry him.

Bucky was just thinking that it was time for another dip when he heard a splash across the pool and opened his eyes to see Steve swimming towards him, pushing a yellow rubber duck.

“Seriously, Rogers? A rubber ducky?” Bucky said with laughter in his voice.

“Says the man floating on a pink flamingo.” Steve responded, pushing water ahead of him aimed at Bucky.

“Hey, I was almost dry!” Bucky complained, loudly.

“It’s a pool, dummy. You’re not supposed to be dry.” Steve said, swimming away to take a couple of laps. Then he pulled himself up on the rubber ducky to let the heat of the sun relax and relieve his sore muscles.

Bucky sighed. He was already wet; he may as well take a dip to cool off. A couple of quick laps later, he was back on his flamingo, playfully pushing Steve’s inflatable duck with his foot towards the side of the pool, which made them both laugh like fools!

Nat slipped into the pool dragging her air mattress in behind her. “Oh, grow up, guys.” she said. “This is just embarrassing.” She took a quick dive to get wet before settling herself on the air mattress, avoiding the games the boys were playing. She fluffed her hair out so that it would dry properly, paddled over to the side of the pool to grab her sunglasses, and settled in to enjoy the sun.

“Don’t be such a snob, Nat.” Sam said from the side of the pool, before jumping in and overturning Nat’s air mattress in the process.

Nat emerged from the water, shaking water from her hair and looping one arm up over the air mattress. “What the hell is that?” she asked Sam, who was struggling to achieve any kind of floatation on his inflatable.

“It’s a giraffe.” Sam said, indignantly, still trying to get himself on top of the brown and white inflatable.

Bucky and Steve were holding their sides, they were laughing so hard! Suddenly, Sam’s giraffe was struck by something and was starting to lose air and buoyancy. The reason became obvious when another arrow swooshed into the water beside Steve’s duck.

“Clint, cut it out!” Nat called from the pool as an arrow struck the water near her air mattress. “I’m going to call Laura if you don’t behave!” she threatened.

“You’re no fun.” Clint called from his vantage point on the roof, but he turned and disappeared into a window to come down and joint the cooling fun in the pool.

“Jesus! Where the hell did you get those things?” Tony said, as he placed his palatial air mattress in shades of red and yellow into the water as far away from his fellow Avengers as possible. “You guys have no class at all.” He carefully placed his drink in the cup holder and settled himself comfortably against the back rest, pushing off gently from the side. He reached underneath one of the arms and turned his stereo on, letting the soft strains of Mozart flow over him.

Meanwhile, Sam had decided that, if he couldn’t have a giraffe, that a flamingo was the next best thing, so he was chasing Bucky around the pool, to much laughter from both Steve and Nat. When he finally caught him, he expertly dumped Bucky into the water and climbed up on the flamingo himself, foiling all attempts by Bucky to regain his prize with well-placed splashes and kicks.

Loki had been watching all of this silliness from the comfort of his lounge chair on the deck and gave a condescending chuckle as he watched these so-called heroes frolicking in the water. He was with Thor, not by choice, but if he had to be here, he might as well make the most of it. He raised his book of Icelandic poetry back up to continue reading.

A cry of “By Odin’s Beard!” was heard right before half the water in the pool seemed to have been displaced by a massive cannon-ball!

“Brother, you are an imbecile.” Loki said, shaking out the soaked pages of his book.

“Why do you sit by the water and try to stay dry, brother? Are you not hot?” Thor said, shaking his hair out, spraying more water over Loki and his book.

“Thor, for once I agree with Loki. Thou art an imbecile.” Tony said, shaking off and holding his empty glass. “Guess I need another drink.”

All of the inflatables were now on the deck and Bucky and Sam were swimming furiously to be the first to the flamingo! Steve had given in to the inevitable and had thrown Nat’s air mattress back in the water and was swimming it back over to her.

It was Bucky who won the race, fending off Sam’s attacks using his metal arm to toss copious amounts of water Sam’s way.

“Why don’t you float on Redwing, Sam?” Nat called.

“You know he doesn’t float, Nat.” Sam said, derisively, before claiming Steve’s rubber ducky to float on.

Everyone had finally gotten settled back on their inflatables, when a large, green streak had them all running for cover. As the water settled, a wet and normal sized Bruce Banner was laughing at his cohorts cowering around the sides of the pool.

“What?” he said. “Afraid of a little water?”

“Not cool, Bruce.” Nat said, climbing back onto her air mattress with some help from Steve.

“You know, you still do look pretty good in a bikini.” he said to her.

“Are you flirting with me, Rogers?” she asked, with a teasing grin on her face.

“Um…no. I mean, I just…you said once…” Steve sputtered and tripped over his words until he saw Nick Fury come out of the house. “Excuse me. It looks like Nick needs me.” He dove under water to try to hide the hot blush that had started to creep up his pale skin.

He lifted himself out of the water easily and grabbed a towel as he made his way over to Nick. He ran the towel down his chest and taut abs before giving his hair a bit of a rub and discarding the towel on one of the lounge chairs.

“Nick?” Steve said, coming up to him as he watched the rest of the team in the water.

Nick shook his head. “How do you ever get any work out of these idiots?” he asked.

Steve looked indulgently at his team and said, “Ah, this is just letting off steam. I did push them pretty hard today.”

“Yes, you did.” Wanda said, coming out of the house dressed in a classic one-piece suit. She gave Steve a nasty look before dropping her towel on one of the chairs and jumping into the water.

There was still quite a bit of contention between Bucky and Sam over the pink flamingo. Bruce had pulled out a cute, green frog to float on and Thor had some hideous looking thing that he claimed looked like a bilge-snipe from Asgard.

Steve and Nick talked quietly for a moment about the upcoming mission and what it might entail, until Steve heard Bucky call Sam a name that he couldn’t tolerate!

Nick gave Steve a long-suffering look and Steve called across the pool, “Come on. Bucky, we’ve talked about this.”

Bucky looked abashed. “I know, but I love the shade of purple he turns when I call him that.”

This interruption was just enough, though, to give Sam the opening he needed and he neatly flipped Bucky into the water and quickly swam the flamingo away to the other side of the pool

Vision had entered the pool area from above and now floated off to one side, looking at his fellow Avengers in confusion. Wanda saw that look and almost fell off of her polar bear inflatable laughing.

“Maria, that’s not cool!” Nat said as she spotted Maria holding her phone up to video tape the hilarity.

“Don’t worry. Just blackmail material.” she said, giving Nat a wink and she disappeared into the pool house to find something to float on.

As Bucky and Thor ganged up against Sam, their battle for the pink flamingo made its way over to where Steve and Nick were talking.

“That’s enough, you guys!” Nick yelled as a poorly aimed splash soaked the lower half of his pants.

“Come on. Cut it out.” Steve said, not expecting to be listened to in this instance.

Suddenly, from above, Peter dropped down on a web behind Nick and gave him a shove towards the pool.

“Last one in’s a rotten egg.” Peter said, landing neatly behind Nick and giving him another push.

“You’re too slow. “Pietro said, as he streaked by, neatly depositing Nick into the shallow end of the pool.

“I hate coming here.” Nick said, morosely.

Steve went inside and grabbed a couple of beers, and placing them carefully in his shield, floated it out in front of him as he made his way towards Nick to make amends.

“I know.” Steve said, as he handed Nick his beer. “Too much nervous energy waiting for a mission.”

“You know, buddy.” Bucky said sarcastically, as he floated up on Steve’s rubber ducky. “You were a real hard-ass today.” Bucky swept his arm through the water creating a tidal wave of water to hit Steve square in the face, with the residual soaking Nick even further.

Steve laughed and dove under the water, coming up and capsizing Bucky’s inflatable. With both of them in the water, they shared a conspiratorial look before heading towards Tony, who was relatively dry on his yacht of an air mattress. He was quietly scanning through emails and Facebook whilst sipping on his drink.

Bucky submerged on one side of the mattress and Steve on the other side. When they both came up together under Tony, Vision wasn’t the only one who was flying!

“You guys are no respecters of a well-made drink!” Tony said, coming up sputtering and taking off his sunglasses so that he could see. Sam came up on the other side and his Tony with a wave of water, which sent Tony underwater to overturn Sam on his pink flamingo. Nat was the only one still left floating and she floated over to the side of the pool to pick up Maria, and between them, they were able to defend their position for a couple of minutes, but eventually, even they were in the water.

Nick had finally managed to climb out of the pool and was wringing out his jacket as he made his way inside to find a dry set of clothes. He looked back at the laughter and good-natured splashing happening in the pool and smiled. It may seem childish, but only a strong team could play together like this. He turned away towards his rooms.


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