A Time For Heroes – Chapter 24 – Death in Montreal

p_montreal-7They landed in Montreal shortly after 4 pm. Steve, Claude, Ginny, and Jas went ahead to the hospital. The rest of the team would follow.

Thérèse had been moved into a private room in the ICU and she was surrounded by her family. Ginny’s uncles and cousins were there, of course, and Thérèse’s sisters and their families. Ginny felt sorry that Steve would have to meet her family this way.

As soon as she walked in, Thérèse beckoned her to come beside her.

“Ma fille, you came!” she exclaimed in French. “I didn’t know if I’d see you.”  She held Ginny’s face in her hands and searched her eyes.

“You are in love again. I’m so glad.” Thérèse said. “Is this him? Introduce us.”

Thérèse didn’t understand a great deal of English, so Ginny introduced Steve to her aunt and uncle in both English and French and translated for him.

Thérèse was always a tart and wanted to know how big Steve’s equipment was!

Her uncle chastised Thérèse for being too forward, but she waved him off.

“I want to know that my sweet girl is well taken care of.” she said.

Ginny looked around quickly at Steve. He was chatting with her cousin, Pierre, who was in the armed forces, and raised an eyebrow at her when she looked. Maybe he understood more French than he was letting on, or was she blushing?

Ginny turned back to her aunt and said “Ma tante, he’ll do.” and winked.

What she really wanted to say was how wonderful a lover he was, how he made a noise in his throat just before he came, how he treated her like his queen always. She had shared all of these tidbits about her other lovers with her aunt and more. But the room was full of well-wishers and it was not a place to share such intimate details.

Thérèse caressed her niece’s cheek. “I will not know this one as I have the others.” she said, sadly.

Ginny felt hot tears prickling the corners of her eyes.

“Not unless you watch us, ma belle tante.” Ginny’s voice squeaked at the end as her tears flowed unchecked and she put her head down on her aunt’s chest and sobbed her despair.

Steve was watching her with concern, but didn’t go to her. He knew that she was where she needed to be.

Thérèse saw his concern and smiled at him. He smiled sadly back. He would do, she thought.

When Ginny’s tears had subsided, Thérèse brushed a tear away with her hand and said, “Tell me of him in your prayers, ma belle. I will hear.” Continue reading “A Time For Heroes – Chapter 24 – Death in Montreal”


A Time For Heroes – Chapter 23 – Landing

griefThe next day started at 6:30 am when Steve nuzzled Ginny’s neck. “Are you still sore?” he asked, hopefully.

Ginny rolled towards him and they made love slowly and sleepily.

Steve left Ginny lazing in bed while he had a shower. He had a 9 am meeting.

Steve had ordered up breakfast and it arrived while he was in the shower. He came out to find Ginny nibbling on bacon wearing one of his t-shirts.

He sat down across from her and said, “That shirt never looked that good on me.”

Ginny looked down and said, “Oh, yes it did!”

He smiled at that and realized this was the first time a woman had ever worn his clothes.

“What’s your day like?” Steve asked.

“Packing up the infirmary and the gym, not to mention my quarters.” she said. “You?”

“Meeting…then the same. Getting everything ready for the landing tomorrow.” he answered.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing my dad. Talking on the phone hasn’t been enough.” she said.

“Is he out of the hospital?” Steve was just finishing his breakfast.

“Don’t know.” she admitted. “He was supposed to be, but I’ve been a little busy the last couple of days.” She smiled innocently at him.

He laughed. “Yeah, yeah. Blame it all on me.” he said.

“You know I will.” she said, reaching across and squeezing his hand, with a quick smile, which disappeared with her next thought.

“I’ll have to get in touch with my uncle to see what’s happening in Montreal.” Her brow was furrowed in concern. “Funny, my dad hasn’t mentioned ma tante Thérèse since I’ve been away.”

“Maybe there’s nothing to tell?” Steve said, hopefully.

“Fingers crossed.” she said, holding up her crossed fingers.

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A Time for Heroes – Chapter 22 – Rude Things


The next day and night, Steve spent with Bucky at Helen Cho’s lab in Korea.

Ginny spent the time working on Bucky’s arm. There was a lot she couldn’t do here. She knew he had another one to wear, if he needed it, but she at least managed to clean up the scorching on the metal and contact Joseph to make sure he’d have the parts needed when they got back.

Jas pulled everyone who was free into another sparring session before dinner and since there were no patients in the infirmary, got them all together for dinner in the conference room. They would be home in three days, but once Bucky was back, someone would have to be with him.

Some of the staff had gone to Dr. Cho’s lab during the day and were full of information on the new technologies she was using.

They had all gotten to know each other fairly well during the mission and dinner was fun and went late with many toasts to a job well done.

Ginny slept all night in her own bed that night. She realized as she laid down that it had easily been a week since she had done so.

Steve sent her a message when she first got back to her quarters.

Spending the night here.

Sleep well, love.

She smiled. She’d been busy today but still missed seeing him.

You, too, babe.

Bonne nuit.

Sleep came easily, thanks to too much wine at dinner, and was peaceful and uninterrupted.

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A Time For Heroes – Chapter 21 – Rescue

shield_of_captain_america-HDSteve came around shortly after the explosion and could see the building still burning beyond the thicket.

He knew that his team would be looking for him now that the base’s defenses were down, so he moved to the edge of the thicket to wait.

But waiting wasn’t his strong suit. He looked at what was left of his com. The power source wasn’t destroyed but the rest was just loose wires.

I wonder… he thought. He pulled the unit off of his wrist and started to fiddle with it. If he touched two of the wires together, they sparked. Maybe if he was still connected to the system, those sparks would show up on his monitor back on the helicarrier.

He started with something simple: SOS in Morse code. He wasn’t a ship but it was simple and most people knew what it meant.

He tapped that out a few times, then he decided to compose a longer message. He didn’t even know if anyone else still knew Morse code, but since he really didn’t have anything else to do…

Once he had written his message  out with a stick in the dirt, he started sending it. He started with SOS and then his serial number and then his message.

He had been sending for what felt like hours. It was starting to get dark. Still he heard no engines in the distance coming for him. He searched the sky. No planes, no drones, nothing.

Maybe they had taken casualties and had to go back to the helicarrier. Maybe they had given him up for dead. Maybe the reason the base had been so poorly protected is because they had attacked the helicarrier instead.

Regardless of why, it looked like he’d be spending another night there, so he sat down at the edge of the thicket where he could watch the sunset and see the stars when they came out and tried to relax for sleep. But even though he was exhausted, sleep seemed a long way away.

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A Time for Heroes – Chapter 20 – Lost in Hell

chris-evans-as-captain-americaSteve had felt the bullets hit him as he fell towards the canopy of the thicket. He hadn’t even seen the drones to get his shield up. One had gotten him in the shoulder, two more in the side and hip.

But none of those wounds matched the searing pain he felt as he fell through the force field.

He landed on his back and curled into a fetal position to try to control the pain and that’s the position he woke up in hours later.

He had no idea how long he’d been lying there, but it was pitch black, so it must have been a few hours.

He pulled out his flashlight and first aid kit to see if he could deal with his wounds. They had already stopped bleeding and he knew there was nothing he could do about the bullets that were still in him.

A horrifying thought struck him. If they were the nanobots he had been shot with the last time…

Well, if they were, he’d be dead in hours, and if not, Jas could dig them out when he got back.

He looked at his wrist and realized there had been one shot he hadn’t felt. His com was destroyed. That meant that he was on his own. It also meant that they were looking at a blank screen back on the helicarrier.

Ginny. She’d think he was dead.

“I’m here, darling.” he said, just to hear his voice. “Don’t give up on me yet.”

He shone his flashlight up into a sea of green and he saw the same all around him. No point in trying to do anything tonight, he thought. He bunched up some fallen leaves as a pillow and lay down and fell into a restless sleep.

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