A Time for Heroes – Chapter 19 – Deployment

589949The next day was torture. Steve spent endless hours with his team, going over intel and strategies, supervising the loading of the jet, and just dealing with the minutiae required for a mission like this. All he really wanted to do was to find Ginny, take her to a quiet spot and make love to her. Was it a mistake to have waited? Was he waiting too long again?

His cock had certainly thought so the night before. He had had to masturbate before he could concentrate on anything.

Well, if he had waited too long, it was too late to fix that now. At least he was consistent, he thought, wryly. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and turned to look at another report on the drop zone.

Ginny’s day was not going much better. It felt like Jas was creating make-work projects for her just to keep her busy. But she wasn’t the only one on edge. Everyone was jumpy, and just before lunch, a tray of instruments got dropped and Jas called the team together.

“There’s way too much nervous energy in this room. Mistakes are going to be made.” she said. “We can’t afford that…but we can afford an hour in the arena. Come on. One-on-one tag teams. Let’s go.”

For the next hour, the twelve of them fought, no one allowed to get too tired before they were tagged out by someone else. As they waited, Peter and Glory asked Ginny to show them some of the moves she had used the day before.

At the end of the hour, everyone was relaxed and in much better spirits, even Ginny. She spent the rest of the day with her physio patients in the gym.

Jas came and got her for dinner. She hadn’t heard a thing from Steve all day, so while she was in the canteen, she sent him a quick text.

Having fun being commander-y?

He took a few minutes to respond.

Not really

She sent him a heart:

And she got a smiley face in return:


“No dinner with your gorgeous man tonight?” Glory asked.

“No. He’s busy being commander-y.” Ginny answered, which made Glory giggle. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 19 – Deployment”


A Time for Heroes – Chapter 18

Waiting for DeploymentDr. Singh was waiting for Ginny when she arrived at the arena at about 5 minutes to 7. Both had worn their uniforms as that’s what they’d have to wear in a fight.

Neither one was quite awake enough for small talk, so they squared off and started sparring.

They were very evenly matched and for every time Jas sat Ginny back on the seat of her pants, Ginny did the same to her.

After about 15 minutes, Ginny looked up to see Steve watching them from the observation booth. He hadn’t told her he’d be there. But she needed all of her wits about her to fend off Jas’ attacks, so she didn’t have time to think much about it.

After an hour, it was clear that neither one of them had any great advantage over the other and Dr. Singh had a good feel for Ginny’s fighting style. She called a stop to the session and shook Ginny’s hand.

“You didn’t learn to fight like that in a couple of weeks.” Jas said to her.

Ginny shook her head. “I got a lot out of training with Nat and JP, but I came into it as an MMA Master.”

“Can I assume that you’re as competent with a gun?” Jas asked.

“That needed a little more work coming in, I think, but Steve and Nat made sure I wasn’t lacking there.” Ginny said.

“You could still stand to spend some time with Nat at the shooting range.” Steve said, coming over to join them.

“Do you think she’d have time to work with me before the team deploys?” Ginny asked, turning towards him.

Steve sent a quick text. “Let’s see. You haven’t been issued a weapon yet, have you?”

Ginny shook her head. “Nat can meet you there in 10 minutes.” he said.

“In the meantime, let’s go and see what you can do.” Jas said, leading the way.

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A Time for Heroes – Chapter 17

Mission LaunchSix-thirty came early and Ginny wasn’t the only one who was groggy at breakfast. She had stopped to drop her duffel bag off at the loading area before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

The jet would be flying them to the Avenger’s training centre in upstate New York at 8 am. Loading had been going on through the night.

Pepper wasn’t at breakfast. She and Tony had said goodbye the night before and Tony had left her sleeping.

“Eat up everyone.” Steve said, sitting down with his coffee and Ginny’s tea. “We won’t be eating this well on the mission.” An omelette was placed in front of Ginny…all she really wanted was her tea and some fruit. But once she started eating, she found she was ravenous.

Ginny was only half finished her breakfast when Steve got up to leave.

“I have to be there for the finish of loading.” he explained to Ginny.

She turned her face up and he leaned down for a quick kiss.

“Take your time. I’ll see you down there.” Steve said, and was gone.

No one was very talkative that morning and as people finished, they headed out. When Ginny left, Nat and Tony were still finishing up.

In the loading area, Ginny was ushered right onto the jet and shown where to sit. Sam was already there with his head back and earphones in, listening to music. He gave Ginny a little wave.

Nat came on board and sat next to Sam leaving the seat next to Ginny open.

Tony came on and ran through safety stuff for her benefit. Parachutes, life jackets, exits. Ginny nodded at the end, hoping she wouldn’t have to use any of it.

“Don’t worry, Geneviève. I’ll get us there safely.” Tony said.

“I’d appreciate it.” Ginny said with a smile. Tony squeezed her shoulder and headed forward.

Steve finally came in a few minutes later with his tablet.

“All loaded.” he said, tucking the tablet away in the overhead storage. “Did Tony go over safety stuff?” he asked Ginny.

“Yes, all done.” she answered.

“Great, belt in and I’ll see if Tony’s ready to take off.” and Steve headed forward as well. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 17”

A Time For Heroes – Chapter 16

A Father's ObjectionsEven after a late night, Ginny woke early the next morning. Seeing it was only 6 am, she was very tempted to roll over and try to sleep some more. But as soon as her eyes had opened, her brain had kicked into overdrive thinking about all that she had to deal with that day.

She groaned as she got up. She was sore in places she’d never been sore before. She tried to stretch it out, but it wasn’t working.

Yoga, she thought. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d done a good yoga practice. That would help clear her mind, strengthen her body, and get her ready for the day ahead.

So she dressed in yoga gear, pulled out a couple of statues and trinkets she used to help focus her meditation and headed for the gym.

But she wasn’t the only one in need of refocusing this morning. Steve had already pulled out one mat and when he saw her, he laid out a second.

“Thought you were running this morning.” she said, stretching up to kiss him.

“I can run after. I just needed to refocus after yesterday. And it’s been a while.” Steve shrugged. Ginny set out her meditation aids, which included a laughing Buddha statue as well as Ganesh and Kali, the goddess of destruction and transformation. She wasn’t a usual goddess that westerners turned to, but Ginny felt a strong connection to her. She also had some crystals – citrine and hematite and malachite, and a Himalayan singing bowl. She laid these all out on a purple cloth with the ‘Om’ symbol stitched on it.

“Pagan idols?” Steve asked, a little surprised.

“Meditation aids. It helps me sometime to have something to focus on.” She slowly hovered her hand over each piece. “Laughing Buddha for joy; Ganesh for strength; Kali for transformation and acceptance; Citrine for balance, Hematite for connection to the earth; Malachite for personal protection, and we’ll finish with the singing bowl. And all on the OM symbol, which represents the universe and all that’s in it.” Continue reading “A Time For Heroes – Chapter 16”