A Time for Heroes – Chapter 11

High PointsGinny’s presentation was a hit! The foundation had started to discuss moving beyond her original proposal before she was even finished.

Pepper cut in quickly. “We are looking to engage the community and have the movement grow organically rather than be presented fully realized.” she told them. “Ms. St. Pierre and I are aware of how much this could grow.” and then she sat down and didn’t say another word, but it was enough. The ‘suits’ listened carefully to the rest of her proposal, and after answering a few questions, they brought the meeting to a close.

The chair summed up the meeting quickly. “We are very interested in your idea, Ms. St. Pierre. Give us a week to run some numbers and let’s meet again.” They set up to meet at the same time the following Monday.

Pepper grabbed her into a big hug right outside the door. “You were amazing!” she said. “With that kind of passion, how could they say no?”

“I think it was your logistics that sold them.” Ginny said.

Pepper gave her another hug and said, “Let’s just say we make a great team.”

Pepper’s phone rang and she looked and said, “It’s Tony. Let me set things up for tonight.” and she walked away to talk.

Ginny pulled out her phone and texted Steve.

Your lady is amazing!! They loved it! Meeting next week after they run some numbers.

 Her phone rang almost immediately.

“Congratulations! I knew you’d knock their sox off!” Steve sounded winded.

“Sorry to interrupt your training.” Ginny said, contritely. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 11”


A Time For Heroes – Chapter 10

Kitchen IntimaciesThe next morning, Ginny was already chatting with Tony over breakfast when Steve came in.

“It’s very good, but Pepper and I have a few suggestions.” He looked up to see Steve come in. “But we can discuss that tonight.”

“Hey, beautiful.” Steve said to Ginny as he sat down. Way to keep things platonic, Rogers, Ginny thought and she rolled her eyes at him.

“How was dinner with your dad?” Steve asked as he filled his plate.

“It was good, but it was an early night because dad wasn’t feeling very well.” Ginny’s forehead was wrinkled in concern.

“What time should we serve dinner tonight, Geneviève?” Pepper asked as she joined them. “What time will you be done at the hospital?”

“I should be done by 5, so give me an hour to get back here.” Ginny answered.

She had just finished her tea. “Let’s run, Rogers.” she said to Steve.

“Thanks for the compliment this morning, gorgeous, but that’s not very platonic.” Ginny said back over her shoulder to Steve.

“Tony knew I was in love with you before I did.” Steve said, simply. It was nice to have someone other than Ginny he could talk openly to.

Every day, Steve’s increased strength surprised Ginny. The combat training was helping him immensely.

She ran with him for about an hour, and then went down to the gym to work. He joined her an hour later for yoga and then he ran through his training. They were still sticking to her revamped training matrix, but some days she felt she was holding him back.

Today, though, he was struggling a bit because of an injury to his bad leg the day before in combat training.

“Just dial it back a few pounds and if you don’t make it up to where you should be today, we can make it up over the next few days.” Ginny said. He just nodded and kept at it. By noon, he had gotten himself back on track. She was impressed and said so. Continue reading “A Time For Heroes – Chapter 10”

A Time For Heroes – Chapter 9

Suicidal tendencies_The days passed by in a blur. She was glad that Tony had extended his hospitality because it made her life so much easier when she didn’t have to worry about feeding herself.

She stayed at home Wednesday night to dye her hair for the kids. She went with red this week and sent Steve a picture again.

 Liked last week’s better…not sure why. 😉

he texted back.

She had been used to seeing him in the evenings and now she found herself at loose ends. She played piano a bit, but it didn’t feel as nice as the grand at Tony’s. She was truly getting spoiled!

She picked up her phone and texted a quick message to Steve.

 Tu me manque.

 The answer was a quick and confused.


Not a phrase in French that he knew.

 I miss you, or more properly: You are missing from me.

 He took a moment to reply with a simple:

 Moi, aussi.

She sent a response back:

 Gotta sleep. Hopefully, you’ll be in my dreams and I won’t miss you so much.

 She put her phone on the bedside table and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

I know you’ll be in mine, love.

She was still smiling when she closed her eyes and let exhaustion take her.

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A time for heroes-An Homage to my dad

dadAs I’ve been reposting and rereading ‘A Time for Heroes’, I am becoming more and more aware that this story is an homage to my dad.

Dad was an amputee from the time he was 14, but he was never handicapped. During the writing of this story, I feel that I was able to explore the theme of amputation as well as some of the realities that go with living with this loss. I think that this has given me a deeper understanding of my dad.

I was not around when my dad went through his grieving and acceptance for the loss of his leg. The man I knew was just a man with a wooden leg. He never thought of himself as handicapped so neither did we. I still smile at the story my mom tells of my brother proudly proclaiming that when he grew up, he was going to be a daddy and have a wooden leg, too!

I also see many of the same values in Steve Rogers as I know my dad held. The line in the first Avengers movie when Steve says, “There’s only one God, ma’am, and I don’t think he dresses like that.” has always reminded me of my dad. My dad’s personal beliefs were never shaken, that I saw. He attended church weekly and could discuss church doctrine intelligently and logically. He believed that it was his duty to help those less fortunate and to accept others the way they were. Maybe it was something about the times they were from, but those values were very strongly ingrained.

Dad was not a military man, but he was from a military family. From his older brother, who was shot down over France during WWII to his younger brother who served in the Canadian Navy after the war, all but one of his brothers and sisters served in military, and the one sister who didn’t, married a soldier. Dad was the one exception. I think because of his family, he had a strong sense of patriotism and civic duty, which he passed on to us.

I have heard Chris Evans say that Steve is a difficult character to bring to life because his goodness almost makes him too flat to be interesting on the big screen. Perhaps it was because of his strong portrayal of this character or maybe because of the similarities I saw between him and my dad, I didn’t feel that way when I started to write him in this story. It was those very struggles with his base moral code that did make him interesting and a joy to write.

I hope that those who are reading are enjoying the story and the characters as much as I enjoyed writing them. I also hope that it gives some insight into the realities of those living with amputation.

A Time for Heroes – Chapter 8

No more laying aroundThe next morning dawned dark and drizzly, which made Ginny ecstatic! She was hoping for rain so she could see what the glass dome looked like in the rain.

She was wide awake and ready to go even without caffeine, but she went to the kitchen and made herself a tea and grabbed a croissant and took them upstairs at about 7:10.

She took a seat on the grass and just watched the rain dripping down the glass. She slowly ate her croissant and drank her tea.

Steve showed up 15 minutes later to find her lying on her back on the grass watching the threatening clouds.

“Pretty cool, eh?” he said, sitting down next to her.

“I was actually happy to see it was raining this morning!” Ginny said. “Are you ready to run?”

He held out his leg to show that he had his blade on. “You bet!” he said.

Today he was wearing shorts. “I’m tired of always having to roll my pants up.” he grumbled.

He took off running just to show her how well the blade worked. He kept pace with her for a lap so she could get an idea of his gait, then he hit his own stride. He wanted to just run himself out, the track and the blade felt so good!

Ginny’s pace was much slower, but she wasn’t there just for her anyways. She stopped and sat down in the grass and watched him run for a while.

Tony and Pepper joined them on the track just after 8 am.

Pepper stopped beside Ginny before she started to run and asked, “I hear there will be dancing this afternoon. Can we join you?”

Since dancing was always more fun in a group, Ginny said, “Of course.” and Pepper popped in her earbuds and took off after Tony. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 8”

A Time for Heroes – Chapter 7

Patio RevelationsIt was 9 am when she woke, and she groaned. Too early and too late! She had stuff to do that she wouldn’t get done if she slept any later. But, gods, she was tired!

She lay there for a few minutes and then forced herself upright. She was going to grab her tablet from the gym but then decided to leave it. She had her purse and her car keys. She could head home, shower, head out and do her errands and be back here shortly after lunch.

So she headed out, asking Jarvis in the elevator if the boys were up yet.

“They are not, Ms. St. Pierre.” was his response.

“Mr. 06 hundred, my ass.” she said to herself on the way to her car.

An hour later, her apartment was clean and she was showered and ready to head out and grab some groceries. The grocery store was packed as usual for a Saturday morning and it seemed to take her forever to get through to the check-out. And there was Steve, staring out at her from the cover of a magazine!

The article was about his injury and the Avengers visit to the hospital the other day. The pictures were all from the hospital and they were great! Her kids were in a lot of them following their heroes around and she even made it into one! She grabbed what was in the rack and placed them on the belt.

The cashier gave her a funny look until she told her that she worked at the hospital.

At home, she put away her groceries and sat down to read the article, which was fairly well done. She put the rest of the copies near the door so she wouldn’t forget to take them with her.

Her phone rang and she answered it without looking.

“Yellow” she said brightly into the phone.

“Hi!” It was Steve, and he sounded like he was outside somewhere. “I’m outside. This new leg lets me ride my motorcycle again. Wanna go for a ride?”

“Outside where?” she asked, looking out the window and answering her own question.

“Outside your apartment.” He saw her in the window and waved. He had his helmet under his arm and his hair was a mess! Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 7”