A Time For Heroes – Chapter 6

Breakdown1The next morning dawned bright and warm. And it matched Ginny’s mood perfectly! She had had a lovely steak dinner with her dad the night before, and they had talked at length about the new tech he had mentioned to Steve. She usually wasn’t interested in the technical side of their business. It was her job to work on the body and the mind…that’s why she had a psychology minor with her kinesiology Masters. If nothing else, it made her aware of what not to say and when to bring in the shrink.

But this was fascinating. It was Hydra technology, so it was probably alien. They had brought Thor in to see if it was similar to anything they had on Asgard, but he’d never seen anything like it either.

Claude had never seen his daughter this interested in his side of the business before, and was enjoying her insights. And so the evening went.

She received a text from Tony at around 10:30 pm asking if he should send a car for her in the morning.

She looked at the two bottles of wine she had brought, one still half full, and knew that she wasn’t driving home tonight. So she texted him back:

 Yes. Thank you.

 and poured herself and Claude each another glass of wine. He was busily drawing diagrams of his design ideas for Steve and they passed another pleasant hour pouring over those before she called a cab and went home.

The car arrived promptly at 8 am and she chatted amiably with the driver on the way to Stark Tower. The security guys seemed to be getting use to her and weren’t as stoic as they were in the beginning. Had it really only been three days since the breakfast debacle?

Jarvis greeted her as usual at the elevator and she even found him pleasant to chat with. He told her that there were croissants and fruit in the kitchen, if she was hungry. Captain Rogers was already in the gym and Mr. Stark was on the track. Her father was expected at 10 o’clock, which she already knew, and Mr. Barnes would be arriving shortly after that so that his prosthetic arm could be examined further. It was like listening to the news, but delivered in a pleasant British accent.

She wished him a good day as she left the elevator and wondered what Jarvis would consider a good day. Continue reading “A Time For Heroes – Chapter 6”


A Time For Heroes – Chapter 5

SuperheroesGinny’s phone buzzed while she was staring into the fridge looking for something to eat for dinner. It was a text from Steve.

How’d it go this afternoon?

 She texted back:

 Fantastic! Can you talk?

And a second later, her phone rang.

“Of course, I can talk!” he said, when she answered. “I’ve been dying to find out how things went.”

“You know,” she said, “Tony’s name is a very powerful weapon! All I had to say was that the Stark Foundation was considering funding my child amp program, and Margaret just fell all over herself to give me whatever I wanted!” She sounded absolutely jubilant!

“Even things that she seemed really hesitant about when I first mentioned them, I got! I am just on cloud 9!”

“That’s great!” he said. “Told you you didn’t need luck.”

“Oh, I had luck.” she said with a smile.

“So do you feel like celebrating?” he asked after a rather pregnant pause. “Bucky’s going to come up for supper and I think your dad is staying, too.”

“I’d really love to,” she said, “but I have some stuff to do to get ready for tomorrow.” She was undecided if she was truly upset to not be going or happy to have the breathing space. He still took her breath away, even on the phone!

“Besides, all that testosterone in one room. I might drown!”

He chuckled. “Well, we’ll miss you. No one to keep the boys in line.”

She laughed at that.

“What do you have to do to get ready for tomorrow?” He really didn’t want to end this conversation just yet.

“Well, the kids expect a different colour in my hair every week and I thought I’d try for a red, white and blue thing this week.” Continue reading “A Time For Heroes – Chapter 5”

A Time for Heroes – Chapter 4

Out of Isolation6:00 am. That’s what Steve saw on his phone when he picked it up to check the time. Well, that’s more like it, he thought. Back into his routine.

He got up and checked the closet, and just as he thought, Stark had moved all of his clothes here. He knew he’d be working out again, so he grabbed sweats and a t-shirt. He pulled on and secured his prosthetic leg and it didn’t feel as uncomfortable as the night before. He got dressed and headed down to the kitchen to see what he could rustle up for breakfast.

He needn’t have worried. Tony was there with an assortment of croissants and fruit. He knew that he could get more because Tony’s kitchen staff was excellent, but he settled for this for now. He wanted to run and he didn’t want to do it on a full stomach.

Tony seemed excited. “Let’s go down to the lab and I can show you what we’re working on.”

“Don’t you sleep?” Steve asked, as he reached for a third croissant.

“Not well when Pepper’s not here, but this we worked on last night while you napped, lazy bastard!” Tony teased him.

Steve refilled his coffee and followed Tony down to the lab.

“We designed a blade for you…a little challenging since you still have your knee. Most amputees who use these have, well, less leg. But this should work for you. Wanna go for a run this morning?” Steve nodded and continued to sip his coffee as Tony moved to the next item.

“This one is for combat. It’s not finished yet, but it’s going to be more than just a prosthetic. You’ll have controls that can help you run faster and jump farther.”

“What if the other leg can’t keep up?” Steve loved to see Tony so engaged in a project.

“Then we’ll have to get rid of it and get you two of these!” Tony joked. “We can fit similar enhancements into your boot.”

Steve was examining the combat prosthetic. “What, no thrusters?”

“I don’t want you to look as good as me out there, Cap.” Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 4”

A Time for Heroes – Chapter 3

A let to stand onHe got back into the easy rhythm he usually followed when he worked on his upper body. Moving between machines was awkward with the crutches, so he parked them and hopped.

So he was pleasantly surprised when the door opened and a tray of sandwiches made their appearance. He’d been working for almost an hour and a half! And he was famished!

He joined Ginny where she was setting out drinks and sandwiches.

“Taking you out for a good breakfast this morning aged Corelli five years! So I thought I’d better just bring lunch in.” She smiled at him. “Hungry?”

“Starved!” he said. “It all looks great.” He chose a couple of sandwiches and grabbed a Coke and hopped over to the chair where he had left his crutches. She pulled a chair up beside his and they ate in companionable silence until he noticed her concerned looks at the clock on the wall. She had said her dad and Stark would be there at noon and it was almost quarter to 1.

He raised his wrist-com to his mouth. “Can you give me an ETA on Stark?” he said, quietly.

She had taken her earpiece out so she looked expectantly at his face, waiting for the answer.

He looked up into her worried eyes and hoped he wouldn’t have to give her bad news.

“They’re about 10 minutes out.” He relayed the information he was hearing on his earpiece to her. “There was an accident on the freeway.”

Her whole body visibly relaxed. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 3”