A Time for Heroes – Chapter 2

Breakfast & Yoga_BlueSo bloody much security, she thought, as she finally made her way to her car an hour and a half later.

“I sure hope he’s worth it.” she had finally said to the head of the security detail. He just shrugged.

All of this just to take a client out for breakfast! And that was just on a whim! But she knew he wasn’t going to be able to work all day on what they served as a hospital breakfast. They were cooking for someone who was going to lie in bed all day.

As she started her car, she saw that it was 8 o’clock and she hadn’t eaten yet. She didn’t know why she wasn’t famished.

Her thoughts drifted back to him; to Steve Rogers; Captain America. He was not what she expected at all, but maybe she caught him at a bad moment. She could almost see the fog clinging to him when she had first walked in. Bad memories there. Damn, it was always harder when they got them before they’d gone through their grieving.

She went over the interview in her head as she drove, checking her professional demeanor. She should have suggested he talk to someone to help him through the grief, but she probably wouldn’t have been the first to suggest it. Other than that and the breakfast date, all above board. Didn’t even lose it when she saw those eyelashes; it was close, though! Never.give him.a reason.to close his eyes around you!

Dismissing her super client, she started going through the rest of her day. Meetings with her dad and Mr. Stark about the prosthetic. They wouldn’t be at the gym until noon the next day with the first prototype, so that would give her and Steve time to have a good breakfast and take care of some basics before the engineers got there.

She had met with her kids last Thursday. Child amputees are always heartbreaking, but these kids just amazed her some days! Three little girls – 5, 7 & 10, and 2 boys –9 and 13. They had heard that she was going to be working with Steve and they were so full of advice and suggestions on his training! She sure hoped that she’d be able to bring them together at some point. What an inspiration they’d be for him!

Him…back to him. He was very handsome and she was definitely attracted to him. She shook her head to clear it…admitting the attraction didn’t help her.

Home for grilled cheese and yoga and maybe a good night’s sleep…but she doubted that would happen. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 2”


A Time for Heroes – Chapter 1

Through the Fog.pngHis eyes opened slowly; the pleasant dream he was having subsided, and for a moment, he didn’t know where he was.

Then one word entered his mind; hospital; and with that the nightmare of his reality came flooding back. The attack, the pain, the fear, going into cryo and coming out a week later as half a man.

He looked down at the sheets where the lower part of his left leg should have been and saw the void. He turned his head away and looked out the window where dusk was just settling on the city. He let the grey fog settle on him again.

“Don’t think about it, Steve.” he said, under his breath and the grey fog settled deeper. But, if it wasn’t there anymore, he thought, why did it still hurt?

He closed his eyes and felt tears prickle the insides of his eyelids. He squeezed them tighter to stop the sensation and let the fog begin to take the pain away.

There was a tentative knock at the door and a pretty voice asking, “Captain Rogers, Steve Rogers?”

Oh, God, he groaned, not a fan! Where’s security?

He opened his eyes and turned toward the voice to see a big pair of light brown eyes under a shock of purple hair!

“I’m so sorry if I woke you. I was supposed to be here earlier, but I was detained by another client.” She looked very openly awestruck.

Who was he supposed to see today? Shrink? No. More doctors? Constantly, but this wasn’t one of them. Physio? Yes! That’s who she must be.

She held out her hand to him as she introduced herself.

“I’m Ginny St. Pierre and I’m here to get you back on your feet.” she said with a smile.

“Foot.” he corrected, sullenly, and turned to stare back out the window. Continue reading “A Time for Heroes – Chapter 1”


Eleven years ago today, I lost one of my best friends, my good-sister, Sherry, at the age of 41. Her death was sudden and devastating for all who knew her.

Over the last decade and a bit, there have been thousands of things that I would have liked to have shared with her, that I know she would have appreciated with her unique sense of humour. “A Time for Heroes” is one of those things.

Dedicated to Sherry, my good-sister, my friend, my muse.

New Endeavour

This is a first for me. I don’t think I’ve written anything for pleasure…ever…and certainly nothing that wasn’t work related since high school.

But there was this story that just wouldn’t go away. It started with a crush I had on Steve Rogers/Captain America as portrayed by Chris Evans and it started as a simple sexual fantasy. But the story kept growing and expanding, almost organically…so I put pencil to paper, literally. None of this originated on the computer; it’s all been written long-hand.

And I continue to write, but I wanted to find an outlet for what I’m writing. I hope that you will enjoy my stories; I also hope you will comment and give me your feedback.